Jillianne’s Hats off to Madeline Theme Party – 7th Birthday

Madeline Theme Party Ideas


“In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines …” they left the dorm in two straight lines heading to Jillianne’s party, inspired by the theme Hats Off to Madeline. An unusually unique party theme indeed for Jillianne’s birthday celebration. This popular cartoon series has made its way to the hearts of its viewer because of a small but brave little girl named Madeline. Making this as a party inspiration is a great idea as you can easily pinpoint the elements that relates to the cartoon. It is also a fun and colorful concept, that’ll brighten up one’s day. Another thing that will catch your attention with this theme is that it sets the vibe to romantic Paris, as soon as you enter the venue, you will instantly blurt out, “Bonjour Mademoiselle!”

An awesome job by Mommy T-one of Pretty Little Party Davao for conceptualizing and styling this lovely soiree, everything is on point! The color palette focused on blue, yellow, white and red, and these were perfectly incorporated in all corners of the party place. And the decorations couldn’t be any more pristine. Good thing Jojie Alcantara was there to capture all the special moments of this charming affair. Here are some of the snaps shared by Jojie, to give us a glimpse of this wonderful bash.

“When we are all together, adventures we will share. We’ll dance and sing our songs with you. When life seems one great muddle, and if we get into trouble, She’s the one who always gets us through.” Lines from Madeline’s opening song will surely have the guests singing as they open this adorable invitation. It’s a crisp white invite, framed with Madeline’s blue, and topped with a red bow. And all twelve little girls are present too, to make sure everyone will come and join the line.


Looking at the ceiling is like looking in the sky on a lovely sunny day. There are kites afloat, colored in white, blue and red. And a couple of clouds were formed, using yellow and blue balloons, to add brightness to the view. Makes you want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view, yes?


At the first sight of the stage, I bet you’ll say, “It’s a lovely day!” And who else would you find walking outside on a lovely day, but all twelve little girls with Miss Clavel and Genevieve. These standees of Madeline, her classmates, her teacher and their pet dog are simply adorable, welcoming the guests with glee. In the middle is a wide spread of desserts, that will definitely catch anyone’s attention.

stage1stage (3)stage (5)

Blue kiddie tables are lined neatly in front of the stage, with blue and yellow small chairs. Little girls will surely have a feast after seeing what’s in their seats: a yellow hat with ribbon, and a choice of either yellow or blue capelet; exactly the same as Madeline’s! And I bet these little guests instantly started role playing and falling in line.

kiddie tables (1)

The round adult tables look so regal with that perfect layered, ruffled skirt. Each table is skirted with either yellow or blue, and on top is a navy-blue linen with either a red with white polka dots runner or a sky blue with white stripes runner. At the center of the table is again the feature of the party, it’s a Madeline doll.

table setting (1)table setting (2)table (2)

Jillianne’s cake is a two-layer confection; beautifully and tastefully concocted by Crafty Cakes and Cupcakes. Both layers are covered in sky blue fondant, just like the clear blue sky on a lovely day. Around each layer are sights or places that will relate to the popular cartoon series, or will remind us of France. Atop the cake is Madeline in her yellow uniform and their little pet pup, Genevieve. All that makes this cake the star of the dessert spread.

cakecake (2)

Delectable treats await guests, both young and young-at-heart. Everything in this dessert station looks so yummy! The cake pops are designed as hats, while sugar cookies are designed as capelet. There are pretty mini cakes in blue with white polka dots, and atop these mini cakes is a mini Madeline. Jillianne too has sugar cookies with her name. Crafty Cakes and Cupcakes surely delivered an enticingly creative spread of sweet treats. Not to mention the styling of the dessert table: the ruffled light blue and red skirt made the sweet course on top ever more satisfying to look at. And those dainty suit cases used as decoration gave that school girl dormitory feel to it. To add more charm to the set-up, Eufloria PH had arranged gorgeous flowers that matched the theme.

sweets (2)sweetssweets (7)sweets (11)sweets (12)sweets (13)sweets1

Of course, a kiddie party will never be complete without fun games.

guest (5)guest (7)

These Madeline dolls as party takeaways will surely excite all guests and the party loot boxes of different shapes and designs, are too adorable not to bring home. Some are round, some are shaped as a house, and others are shaped and with a design of a building in Paris.

giveawaysgiveaway (1)giveaways (1)giveaways (3)giveaways (4)

Our blooming little mademoiselle with her family is a sight of happiness and bliss. Hats off to mom and dad for throwing the perfect party for their lovely daughter. And look, the girls and their mommy are dressed prettily to match the Hats Off to Madeline party theme too.

family (1)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Concepts, Design & Styling: Pretty Little Party Davao // Flowers: Eufloria PH // Cake and Desserts: Crafty Cakes and Cupcakes // Ice Cream Station: Cherrie’s Ice Cream and Cookie // Photo Booth: Fun In The Box // Photography: Jojie Alcantara


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