Megan’s Magical Unicorn and Princess Theme Party – 1st Birthday

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Like fairies, pixies, elves and mermaids, there is no other creature in myth or fairytale that is more revered in a child’s world than the unicorn. And for Megan who celebrates her 1st birthday, she gets what every little girl dreams of… to be a princess with a magical unicorn that brings her for a ride up among the clouds to a beautiful rainbow. At least in her mind’s eye, that is what happens on her birthday, thanks to a bit of pixie dust from Party Doll Manila Events and some wand-waving by stylist, Diane Khu who teamed up to create an amazing unicorn party of mythical proportions. Scroll through the wonderful photos of this enchanting birthday party from Harry Lim Photography.

The stage is absolutely dreamy with Megan’s pink castle on white wispy cotton-like clouds and clusters of balloon clouds in sweet cotton candy colors of pink, peach, powder blue and lavender. To complete this wonderful scene are two adorable unicorns flying among the clouds and a pretty princess ready to play with them.

stage (1)stage (3)

The tables are dressed in soft, flowing pink and lavender cloth, decked with a centerpiece consisting of a cute unicorn and a gold candelabra with a simple arrangement of pink flowers at the top and clusters of small balloons swirling around it down to the base. While some tables have a big clear balloon filled colorful confetti inside.

table (1)table (2)

Could it have come out of some brilliant baker’s oven or at the end of a fairy’s wand? Whatever the answer is, Megan’s cake by Sugarplum Pastries seems to have been magically conjured. The remarkable three-layer cake is a palace, complete with towers and turrets, afloat on lighted sugar bubbles. Fondant unicorns are arranged at the bottom of the cake and at the top is a fondant twirling Princess Megan. Yes, it’s a combination of rotating and lighted cake in one!

main cakemain cakeA

An irresistible array of sweet treats beckons the guests like magnet, thanks to Sweet Creations by Mums. As if one cake was not enough, Megan’s guests enjoy a second, smaller version of her castle cake, as pretty and as yummy as the first. Along with this were unicorn and rainbow-shaped sugar cookies, cake pops, chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting and fondant unicorn toppers, and unlimited gummy candies.

sweetssweets (22)sweets (1)sweets (5)sweets (25)sweets (6)sweets (10)sweets (25)

In addition to the superb menu, food carts offered other yummy tummy-fillers like corn in a cup and nacho with cheese, and more sweet treats like sorbetes and cotton candy.

carts (1)

Megan’s guests are spellbound the moment the singing Disney Princesses from Clowning Around Manila begin their number. A fun dancing balloon show by Tectonix continues to keep the guests a captive audience.

show (1)show (4)

In Megan’s photowall, guests get on this fancy coach and pretend to be on the way to a fairytale adventure. It’s Instagram-perfect!


These cute and fun unicorn chairs will find plenty of use in the playroom or bedroom of Megan’s young guests – it’s a whole level away from the usual loot bag of candies and small toys. What a great giveaway!

giveaways (2)

It doesn’t take much to make little Megan smile. And her smile is truly heartwarming, very much like a light that touches the heart that anyone who sees her will wish this gentle soul with everything that is good, and true, and pure in this life. We certainly look forward to many happy celebrations such as this!

family (6)family (1)family (7)

Suppliers who ade it all happen:
Planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo and video: Harry Lim Photography // Candle blowing cake: Sugarplum Pastries // Desserts with cake: Sweet Creations by Mums // Caterer: 8 Spoons Catering // Entertainment: Alex Lagula, Tectonix and Clowning Around Manila // Venue: Christ the King

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