Lily’s French Vintage Carnival Themed Party – 1st Birthday

French Vintage Circus Theme Party Ideas


“The circus always leaves a sweet memory”.

There’s something in the bizarre, the extravagant and the high-flying high-energetic performers that stir our souls and entertain our imagination. The colors and elements will surely entice the senses of children and adults alike. A French Vintage Circus, filled with charm, elegance and dainty deets, is the perfect theme for Lily’s first birthday shebang. Party Magic did a wonderful job in styling the event held in Manila Peninsula. Let us walk through this fête grandiose through the pictures of Peach Frost Studio.

The invite is pretty straightforward with colors of pastel orange and soft blue. It says a little tease on what to expect in the party. We are loving the extra circus ticket insert, small yet wonderful visual addition in connection with the theme.

invites (1)

Into the lobby, everyone will be in awe with the spectacular setup. Pastel balloons of different sizes grace the floor with pink and peach summer umbrellas. One cannot miss the elephant and tiger figures!

entrance area1

Two horses in a merry-go-round welcome all spectators in the party. The golden arc is also embellished with an interesting mashup of all kinds and colors of elements. You’ll see pastel pompoms, metallic balloons and stars. And since we can’t have real lions in this party, an intricate golden-like lion with a floral frame crowns this gateway.

entrance area2 (1)entrance area2 (3)entrance2]

As guests enter further, you’ll see blocks of the celebrant’s name in pink and blue pastel colors. A towering giraffe figure completes this design.


To say that a lot is going on in this stage is an understatement. But because of its general soft-colored scheme, it is still pleasing to the eye. Two adorable ballerinas are prancing in the stage against a background of balloon garlands. Also on the stage are a lovely gazebo covered in white leaves. Peeping through it are two giraffes. Those elephants look like they are ready to exhibit their talents!

main (1)main (2)main

Each table is embellished with these fresh floral ornaments.

table (2)

This sugary centerpiece aka Lily’s birthday cake is a four-tier cake with soft-hued colors. Designs are basically patterns and elements that can be seen in a circus like the top layer tent and colorful streamers.


This spot is so snap-worthy! Life-sized Zebra, lion and giraffes are used to prettify this charming nook. A cute play on lights and metallic balloons completed this photo area.


A spectacular show, ala Greatest Showman movie was performed by Clowning Around Manila and ACTS Manila. There were songs, ballet dances and a little bit of circus tricks! The royal ensemble, together with the celebrant’s family look so majestic!

show (21)show (17)magic showmagic show (3)show (2)

There were also men on stilts that dazzled everyone!

side entertainers

A bag full of goodies were given to the guests to enjoy.


Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don’t take anything too seriously, it’ll all work out in the end. – David Niven.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Styling: Party Magic // Photo and video coverage: Peach Frost Studio // Host, entertainment and overall coordination: Clowning Around Manila // Ballerinas: ACTS Manila // Venue : Manila Peninsula


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