Adam’s Emoji-fied Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Emoji Theme Party Ideas


How are you feeling? Are you happy? Surprised or excited? Or are you in shock or in love? Whatever your emotion might be, an emoji is the perfect way to express yourself! Being always relatable, an emoji themed party is a sure-fire way to get your guests excited!

Worried that a surge of emoji faces will result in a simple sea of yellow? Fear not! Bespoke Manila has perfected the Emoji theme. Check out how cute Adam’s emoji-themed party is!

Careful not to pop the balloons! The mainly yellow and blue combo of balloon decor on the ceiling is eye-catching for sure. The guests, especially the kids, could not stop looking at them!


Where words fail, there’s always an emoji and I couldn’t agree more! Center-stage is a three-in-one set. It’s the stage, photo-booth, and desert spread all in one. Pretty cool if you ask me. Did you spot your favorite emoji?


The kids tables are decorated with different emojicons while the adult tables are elegant with just a hint of playfulness to them care of the assorted emoji plush toys in the middle.


Speaking of desserts, let’s have a closer look. Following the theme, you can say that Adam’s three-layer cake is filled with emotion!


Meanwhile, other goodies seem too cute to be eaten! Sugarplum Pastries made the most adorable emoji snacks we’ve ever seen. (They were still gone by the end of the party though! Lol!)


Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Adam made sure that you’ll enjoy his birthday party. Different games were facilitated for every age.


Looking at the prizes you might receive, you’ll surely want to join and of course, win. These items will bring out the competitive side in you. Careful not to let them ruin family relationships though!


Photo-ops with the guests and the family is a must. Pose, shoot, post!


At the end of the day, Adam and his parents want to give a little something to say thanks to everyone who came to Adam’s special party. In these cheerful giveaway bags are tokens to remember what they celebrated.


The only ones in the party dressed in yellow (guests came in blue), the family stands out and is all smiles from the love they receive from their friends and family!


Suppliers who made it all possible:
Full planning and coordination: Bespoke Manila // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries

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