Aedan’s Plants vs Zombies Themed Party – 8th Birthday

Plants vs Zombies Theme Party Ideas

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Imagine Aedan, an eight-year-old expert, sharing some powerful tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse. No, we’re not talking about the gritty US drama with hero Rick Grimes, but the Nintendo DS adventure featuring ‘zombie-zapping’ plants coming to the rescue. Yes, we’re talking about Plants vs. Zombies, which, in the world of interactive games, holds the top spot among favorites, not only for the young ones but also for the ‘young-once’ crowd.

How else would our young PvZ enthusiast celebrate his eighth birthday? Of course, by having the coolest and most awesome Plants vs. Zombies birthday adventure ever! Aedan’s mother, the imaginative force behind Party Doll Manila Events, guaranteed that it would be a happy and unforgettable birthday bash, with a Neighborville theme brought to life by Dianne Khu Designs. The photos, captured by Everyday Sunday Studio, offer us a glimpse of this truly special and one-of-a-kind celebration.

Ready for a pea-shooting showdown in Neighborville? At the entrance, a vigilant Peashooter stood guard, ready to aim, shoot and protect Aedan’s garden one zombie at a time!

Aedan 8th Birthday

Trendy ceiling lights were adorned with faux ivy vines and a cluster of yellow, orange, and green balloons, while a few jetpack and balloon zombies hovered above, as if they were joining in the celebration. Yes, zombies enjoy parties just like we do.

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The fun never dies, especially when there’s a party zombie bearing a cake. It was accompanied by twin sunflowers and a ‘Chomper’ with a huge, toothy grin. At the center, Aedan’s birthday cake served as a declaration to everyone present that on his special day, everyone is meant to have a fantastic time!

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

Who would have thought that a keychain could also serve as a napkin holder? Adorable PvZ keychains made of felt cloth held the table napkins in place. These cute felt plushies also doubled as table centerpieces. And that’s not all—take a look at the menu spelled out on the placemats. What a feast!

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

Sweet Creations by Mums delivered another winning cake with Aedan’s 2-tier birthday cake that was almost half his size! Perched on a double base covered in fondant and ribbons, the birthday cake was embellished with 3-D PvZ fondant characters: the plant-healing Sunflower, the explosive Chilly Pepper, a Sun-shroom, and a Tall-nut cakesicle. Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting surrounded the bottom, while the top layer is decked with an Eggplant Ninja and Smashing Squash flanking a fondant zombie. Some cakes simply look too good to eat, and this is one of them.

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

The dessert spread was a big hit, especially with these chocolate-covered cake pops. Aedan and his family couldn’t resist the splendid cupcakes adorned with sculpted fondant PvZ characters and equally captivating sugar cookies. Every bite was pure seventh heaven…

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

This perfectly planned party included DIY dessert kits complete with cupcakes, sugar cookies, and all the fixings: ready-to-pipe frosting, sprinkles, and toppers.

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

Each of Aeden’s cousins (and friends at school) took home a duffel bag from Cheerful Creatives PH, complete with a matching face mask and Insta Mug pouf chairs. They also had an extra delightful take-home activity with Party Play PH ceramic painting kits. All of these items will serve as reminders of the joyful and exciting time they had at the party.

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

The sunshine that fuels all the PvZ hero plants was at its maximum level for Aedan. His mom and dad guaranteed that when they planned this party after it got postponed because of the pandemic. They certainly more than made up for it with this birthday celebration that has become a memorable family affair. May Aedan’s beautiful family continue to be blessed with bright, sunny days and energized by the happiness that stems from the deepest, purest love!

Aedan 8th BirthdayAedan 8th Birthday

Vendors who made it all happen:
Planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Dianne Khu Designs | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studio | Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums | Felt crafts: Ant’s Pockets | Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH (Duffle bags), Merry Masks PH (Masks), Sugarplum Pastries (Cookie-do Kits), Insta Mug (Pouf chairs), Party Play PH (Ceramic painting kits) | Venue and food: Little Owl Cafe

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