Mishka Zoe’s Majestic Chinese Cultural-Inspired Celebration – 7th Birthday

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On the most auspicious day, the lovely Mishka Zoe celebrated her 7th birthday with friends and family, who reveled with her in a grand birthday fête. With the joint efforts of Party Doll Manila Events and Dianne Khu Designs, Zoe transformed into a Chinese Dragon Princess, immersing herself in a celebration reminiscent of the imperial era in China. Years from now, Zoe could look back at this special day in her life through the wonderful photos captured by Pram and Cradle.


Upon arrival, guests are greeted with colors symbolizing nobility and prosperity, as cascading gold balloons and red lanterns come into view. Fortune cookies are available for the taking as guests enter the venue. Additionally, red envelopes, called ‘hóngbāo’ in Mandarin, filled with various food cart and merchandise stubs, are laid out for guests to enjoy.

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Red drapes adorned the ceiling, forming an attractive canopy. Pretty silk umbrellas with hand-painted cherry blossoms were interspersed among red and gold lanterns, creating an impressive display.


Zoe’s stage was grand in every essence of the word. The backdrop resembled a Tang Dynasty palace with a courtyard garden: a well on one side and, on the other, a wooden bridge that seemed to cross over a pond filled with lotuses. A winged dragon watched over everyone at the feast.


Flowing red cloth was draped over the tables, and a gold silk runner was laid across each one. The centerpiece echoed the palace on the stage, with a dragon sitting on a pole adorned with small red lanterns.

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Covered in red fondant with yellow trimming, Zoe’s cake is a work of art. It stands out with the detailed rendering of cake decorations, all of which are significant Chinese symbols. Starting with fondant gold coins, peach fruit, and lotus buds, these symbols, in Chinese tradition, represent wealth, longevity, and purity. A fondant version of Zoe happily romps about on a goat, which, in Chinese astrology, symbolizes kindness and love for peace. The intricate pattern of Chinese interior screens, an artistic form in Chinese decorative art, is reflected in the fondant screens that flank the cake. A gateway or “paifang,” another expression of Chinese art through architecture, serves as a perfect cake topper along with the Yin and Yang symbol.


The artistry extended from the cake to the dessert spread, beginning with chocolate-covered cake pops shaped like lotus buds, peaches, and lanterns, to cupcakes adorned with cherry blossoms and lucky pouches. Some cupcakes featured fondant bamboo baskets containing steamed buns, while others resembled bowls of noodle soup, complete with fondant egg, shrimp, and vegetables. Each sweet treat in the spread not only tickled the palate but also inspired an appreciation for the pastry chef’s decorating skills. The highlight of the desserts was the sugar cookies ‘dressed’ in red, silk ‘cheongsam,’ making anyone wonder, ‘How does one eat something so exquisite?’

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Guests also indulged in flavored French fries from Potato Corner and cooled themselves with refreshing drinks from Lemon Drops. Zoe and her friends must have asked for seconds, or even third servings, of the delicious flavors of Sorbelato’s artisanal ice cream.

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Color Play Happy’s crafty area offered children-centered activities, keeping the kids busy and entertained with their Play-Doh dim sum making kit. Zoe and her friends embraced their inner artists, letting loose their creative streaks as they transformed plain white lanterns into masterpieces. What fun!

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Check out these fun game booths where everyone gets a chance to win amazing prizes.


Team Gen’s games, Madison Events’ wushu performance, and Magnifico’s magic show captivated everyone until the end. Even the birthday celebrant joined in, making it more memorable.

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Zoe’s party is truly memorable, thanks to the wonderful gifts her guests took home. Among them were lunch bags with surprise goodies inside, a hygiene kit consisting of alcohol spray and a face mask in a red canvas bag. Don’t forget to check out the cuddly pillows and the personalized tote bags with matching water bottles. What about those cute Toonify photos? Love it!


Doesn’t Zoe look amazing in her modern cheongsam gown? She may wear a shy smile on her face, but this young lady celebrating a new milestone in her life is several steps closer to her future. Among all the symbols seen at this party, the one that best fits Zoe is the lotus flower, considered sacred in ancient China and believed to symbolize purity, strength, and rebirth.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist:Dianne Khu Designs | Photo and video:Pram & Cradle | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Giveaways: Cheerful Creatives PH, Instamug, Pose & Print, Merry Masks PH and BareMNL | Foodcarts: Potato Corner, Lemon Drops and Sorbelato | Entertainment: Team Gen, Magnifico Magician and Madison Events

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