Akira Tres’ Adorable Travel Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Vintage Airplane Theme Party Ideas

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Every parent has probably quipped, ‘How time flies!’ when talking about how their kids have grown in the blink of an eye. And you know what else flies? Airplanes! Maybe that’s why, for Akira Tres’ first birthday, his parents decided to celebrate it with—what else—a plane-themed party! We were flying high, coordinating such a fun theme, and there were bonus points because we got to witness how The Party Project Manila worked its magic to transform the venue. So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride through the lenses of Niceprint Photography.

Alta Guia’s entrance was decorated in muted blues, reds, and whites. We loved the cute standees of a pilot and a flight attendant welcoming the guests to the party venue. The montages of skies, visa stamps, and a couple of flying planes completed the look.


The ceiling perfectly matched the party theme, adorned with a delightful array of playful details and colors! From zooming biplanes and gold-flecked stars to fluffy white clouds, it created a wonderful tapestry of the sky. The remaining space was filled with balloons, Japanese lanterns, and cloth swags, completing the delightful atmosphere.


The stage was such a scene-stealer! We’re floored by how adorable the nook was styled and decorated—there’s a backdrop of a uniformed Akira waving while flying his aircraft amidst the clouds. Aside from the assemblage of stars and clouds, we loved the stacks of luggage and visa collection, giving off the vibe of someone well-traveled. 


To bring the theme closer to the guests, every table had a charming centerpiece of Capt. Akira happily cruising among the clouds.

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Kids had their place, too! Instead of silver cutlery, they had wooden spoons and forks set on a printed placemat that said “Akira Tres Airways”.


At Party Doll Manila Events, we have a deep appreciation for exquisite cakes, and we were absolutely delighted by the two-tiered masterpiece from Bespoke by Jackie. The attention to detail was simply impeccable! The bottom tier featured a captivating scene of the ground with Captain Akira Tres soaring above in his red aircraft.


Sky is the limit when it comes to all the fun the guests had during Akira Tres’ celebration. Ivan the Selfie Magician brought his game on and captivated the audience with his fun games and jaw-dropping show.

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Guests also enjoyed a wide selection of delicious snacks, including ice cream from Sorbelato, scrumptious pastries from Éclair Bar, fluffy cotton candy from Pouf, and milk tea from Tiger Sugar.

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As tokens for celebrating Akira Tres’ birthday, guests get to bring home personalized leather luggage tags and cardholders that Sky & Co. stamped on-site. Kids were given customized lunch bags from Cheerful Creatives PH.


Akira Tres is prepared to embark on his inaugural flight in his pilot attire and Nike Jordans. When the moment arrives for him to soar, we are confident that his mom and dad will joyfully support him as he spreads his wings.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Event stylist: The Party Project Manila | Venue: Alta Guia | Photo: Niceprint Photography | Cake: Bespoke by Jackie | Host and entertainment: Ivan the Selfie Magician | Foodcarts: Sorbelato, Pouf Cotton Candy, Eclaire bar & Tiger Sugar | Caterer: Verleo Catering | Giveaways: Sky & Co and Cheerful Creatives PH

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