Amanda Laureen’s “It’s a Small World” Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Disney’s It’s a Small World Theme Party Ideas


“It’s a world of laughter, A world of tears,
It’s a world of hopes, And a world of fears,
There’s so much that we share,
That it’s time we’re aware,
It’s a small world after all..”

Oh, I bet you sang along with the lyrics, because who wouldn’t? This children’s song from The Disneyland Chorus was specifically written for the “It’s a Small World” attraction in Disneyland. This water-based ride is one of the favorites in Disneyland not only by the little ones but even by the kids-at-heart. No wonder this is one of the most popular party themes for the longest time.

The elements of this party theme are very easy to achieve, all you need are kids in their national costumes and a castle. To make this fete extra charming and dainty for a little girl’s special day, soft pastel colors were used. A touch of gold was also added for that royal feel. As always, great party styling by Dianne Khu Designs. Good thing we don’t need a passport and a ticket to go to Disneyland for the “It’s a Small World” experience. Cocoon Studio shared with us some lovely photos of this adorable affair meticulously planned by Party Doll Manila Events.

What a pretty invite this is! The pink and purple motif, with a gold accent is perfect for a little girl’s first birthday bash.


Just like the Disneyland attraction, their entrance display is equally exciting! The pink, purple and white castle, accentuated with a spectacular balloon arrangement made this entrance look simply stunning. And of course, the kids are always present in every bit of decoration.


Round paper lanterns, diamond shaped honeycombs, mini-hot air balloons and balloon arrangements festooned the ceiling. They too carry the pink, purple, white and gold motif. Pink and purple drapes also hung atop as the ceiling decoration’s background. One can certainly tell that this installation is one for the books!


If you haven’t been to Disneyland to experience or even see the “It’s a Small World” attraction, then this stage set-up is a perfect representation. From the pretty pink background, the perfectly-lighted castle, the stunning balloon arrangement on the side and the standee of the little kids around the world, this stage design will make you sing the theme song over and over..


At the center of the table is a kid from around the world. Some are in a beautifully designed hot air balloon, while others are placed in a bucket alongside a travel icon. Table napkins are also decorated with a themed label. Pretty neat right?


This three-layer sweet concoction, created by Sugarplum Pastries, looks lusciously adorable. Soft pastel colors of pink, blue, purple and white makes all three layers. At the bottom were darling kids in their costume, while atop is a castle tower with tiny flags.


Sugarplum Pastries did an awesome job with these super adorable sweet treats. They have cupcakes with a cute kids-around-the-world toppers, cake pops with charming faces, chocolate Oreos, sugar cookies, and macarons in pink and purple colors. There’s so much to share to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.


A party is never complete without fun games and magic. Famous kiddie party host, ventriloquist and magician, Flooch, got us all covered with his magnificent hosting and uncanny, magical act.

games and show_00598games and show_00635games and show_00723

And to make this event even more memorable, the Alab Poi Dancers was there to wow the crowd with their impressive fire and LED performance.

games and show_00341

It’s no secret that guests love food carts! Amanda’s party promises some of the best and tastiest food carts to serve mouthwatering snacks to hungry guests. The list started with FIC, to Pouf Cotton Candy, Potato Corner, TJ Hotdogs, Nacho King, Krispy Kreme and Gong Cha – definitely, no tummy will go hungry.


The Nest is one that comes to mind when we think of having a mobile play place at a party, which is by the way, a big hit at any event. You want to know why? It keeps the little ones busy as it sparks up their imagination engines, which allows adult guests to socialize before the party program starts.

side entertainment_00100side entertainment_00194

Care for some balloon twisting fun?

side activitiesA

Lunch bags are always a great choice when it comes to party loot. One can personalize it to match the party theme and can choose any design and color. The “It’s a Small World” party design is well translated into these cute blue and purple lunch bags from Amanda’s birthday bash.


Our lovely birthday celebrant, Amanda, with her proud and happy parents share a sweet moment captured by Cocoon Studio.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Cocoon Studio // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Host and entertainment: Flooch, Alab Poi Dancers and The Nest // Foodcarts: FIC, Pouf Cotton Candy, Potato Corner, TJ Hotdogs, Nacho King, Krispy Kreme and Gong Cha // Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas – Pahiyas Hall

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