Mariel Padilla’s Fantabulous, Funderful, Far-from-the-ordinary Baby Dino Shower

Baby Dinosaur Theme Party Ideas


They say “April showers bring May flowers” but one shower in late July brought a blessing far greater than any treasure… it brought the most awaited child for a couple deeply in love and a sister filled with anticipation for the new member of the family. They celebrate this gift of life with a wonderful baby dino-themed baby shower. Thanks to premier planners from Party Starters and styling genius Kaye Termulo-Garcia, the fabulous couple pulled off an incredibly delightful party that takes us to a riparian forest in the Mesozoic era to enjoy the company of the cutest baby dinosaurs. With the splendid photos by Nice Print Photography, the family will be able to look back at this moment in time and remember how profoundly joyful they had been.

The entrance can only be described as magical – an archway abundantly covered in fern and clusters of orchid-like sapphire blooms that one would imagine growing in a lush tropical Jurassic jungle. Like a multitude of fireflies, incandescent mini lights illuminate the passageway lending that feeling of enchantment.


All eyes must have been drawn to the dreamy ceiling festooned with a host of lavender paper balls, each with a tassel of purple ribbons. This lavender canopy is a captivating sight that adds a whimsical mood in the air.


Cute baby dinosaurs seem to be playing a game of hide-and-seek… a stegosaurus and a triceratops on one side and a brachiosaurus and a t-rex on the other. At the center of the stage, a huge dinosaur egg is just about ready to hatch and when it does, it’s the “big reveal”! – hidden behind the giant dinosaur egg is a beautiful name, Maria Gabriela… It’s a girl!


The tables are dressed in crisp white table cloth and purple table runners. At the center of each table is a cuddly dinosaur plushy that has just broken out of its egg nestled on a soft bed of leaves, dried Tiger Grass and purple roses.


A long table is laid out close to the stage for the young guests who sit on fancy wicker chairs in pretty pastel colors. Tied to the back of the chairs are fluffy dinosaur tails… this is, after all, a baby dino party.

kiddie table_4270kiddie area_4641

The family has two delightful cakes to celebrate the coming of their baby girl. One is a cute, green baby dinosaur emerging from inside its newly hatched egg. The egg is made of thick fondant that has been spray-painted with edible lavender paint and a darker shade of purple for its spots. The second is a two-layer cake covered in smooth, seamless lavender fondant. A family of dinosaurs, some palm trees, plants and volcanoes adorn this amazing cake. At the top of the cake sits the big sister dino, tenderly watching over an egg and eagerly awaiting their new baby. If a cake can be an expression of a family’s love, then this cake nailed it!


What a sweet, sweets spread! – cupcakes, jars of cookies, and a choice of milk or chocolate drink served in vintage milk bottles.

drink bar_4249

Foodcarts were also on hand to serve all-time favorite sweet goodies like the high-end “dirty ice cream” from Sorbelato and Soyblessed, and Pouf Cotton Candy’s cute cotton candy creations. Every sweet tooth craving was most certainly satisfied.


In addition, guests enjoyed several other treats like the refreshing drinks served by Coco Milk Tea and awesome burgers by Sweet Ecstasy; deliciously addictive fries by Potato Corner; oishi Japanese sushi by Sushi Nori and tasty Neapolitan pizza by Cosa Nostra Pizzeria PH.


There couldn’t have been a dull moment at this party. Young guests had a variety of activities to dig their hands in. There was a sandbox, an abundance of digging implements and dozens of toy dinosaurs to play with. Some could channel their inner artist, painting their favorite dinosaur scenes with an ample supply of art materials, or make dinosaur ref magnets and some “slimy-saurus”. To top this off, there was an inflatable play gym complete with a slide, a crawl and climb space, and a ball pit, all to give the children the best time.


Of course, fun games were also in order.


Everything about this party was extraordinary – including the giveaways that the guests took home with them. There were lilac water bottles with a cute baby dino design, Baby Bench gift packs, boxes of chewy chocolate chip cookies from DC Delights, wonderful fragrances from FloreScents and boxes of kinetic sand with matching dinosaur moulds.


This was a party filled with the warmth and good wishes from both family and friends. It was a star-studded affair as well with colleagues from the entertainment industry in attendance. Together, they made this day a truly memorable one as they joined the Padillas and shared in the joy and excitement of their new baby’s impending birth.


Blooming, glowing, radiant… Motherhood becomes this devoted wife and doting mom. A child is a profound blessing and the happiness and love they have just radiates from their being. May this family’s love grow ever stronger and deeper in the years ahead. Congratulations!


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Planning and Coordination: Party Starters // Event Styling: Kaye Termulo-Garcia // Photo: Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings // Video: Lemon Three Films // Cake: Bethany Dream Cakes // Desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio, The Noodle Bakes // Kiddie Chairs: The Garden Wedding Co. // Host and Musical: Madison Events, Inc. // Photoman: PhotoBooth by DjCoki // Lights and Sounds: Crossmix sound and lights // Band: Sound Salad // Giveaways: Instamug, FloreScents, DC Delights, Baby Bench // Activities: Smart Play (Activity Booths), Ada’s Wonderland Party Needs, Color Play Happy and Learning on the Gogh // Food Carts: Potato Corner, Coco Milk Tea, Jamba Juice Philippines, Sweet Ecstasy, Sushi Nori, Casa Nostra Pizzeria PH, Pouf Cotton Candy, Cream Frozen Luxury, Sorbelato & Soyblessed // Prizes: Marie France, Cradle Natural, VPharma // Gifts: Mothercare Philippines

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