Michelle’s A Floral Fantasy Inspired Debut – 18th Birthday

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Life is a fairytale you can make come true if you so choose… To be able to see the beauty in life like your well-loved fairytale might be the best way to go. 18-year-old girls step into a new world as young adults bringing with them the hopes and dreams of their childhood. As little girls, there are those who might dream of being Belle and living in a palace with a library of books, five floors high. Others prefer to be Lara Croft in a high-adrenalin, action-filled adventure. Somehow, these childhood dreams play into their 18th birthday themes.

For Michelle, it’s a magical world of the most magnificent flowers, and of course she is the heroine in this floral fantasy made real, thanks to the splendid styling from Flowers and Events by Teddy Manuel and the brilliant team from premier party planners, Party Doll Manila Events. Let’s join Michelle and take a look at this first episode in the 18th chapter of her fairytale…

Elegance is when the beauty inside mirrors the beauty outside. The star of this debut wears a beautiful shell pink gown with a sweetheart neckline, hand-embroidered floral details and dainty ostrich plumes on the shoulders. A crystal beaded belt makes the perfect accent on this 50s Dior-style gown. What better shoes to wear than a pair of silver Jimmy Choo shoes that are simply “to-die-for”!


An enchanting entrance welcomes Michelle’s guests – drapes in different shades of pink and garlands of white flowers, held together with a kissing ball of pink roses. Hanging on the ceiling of this entryway is an eye-catching combination of crystal chandeliers, white flowers and big, pink blooms of peonies.

entrance (2)entrance (1)

All eyes are drawn to the ceiling that exudes the magic and wonder of Michelle’s floral fantasy. Like rows of wisteria vines, garlands of pink and white flowers gracefully drape down from the ceiling. Crystal chandeliers make this wonderful scene even dreamier.


True to the theme featuring Michelle in full bloom, the stage is adorned with a towering arrangement of the prettiest flowers. A gilded chair to honor the debutante is on one side and her splendid cake set on a table decked with a lovely floral arrangement is on the other.

stagestage (2)

The tables are all fabulously decorated! Tall crystal candelabras are surrounded by an assortment of flower arrangements – sweet tulips of the lightest pink hue in oval glass bud vases, cabbage roses in square-shaped vases, orchids, and a gorgeous arrangement made of star gazer buds, carnations, roses and hydrangeas.

tableAtable setting

Michelle’s towering 5-layer cake is a work of art. The first layer is smothered in roses of buttercream frosting. The next four layers are covered in seamless, white fondant and gilded with cutout fondant airbrushed with metallic gold food coloring paint. A bunch of pink sugar roses made of gum paste crowns this elegant cake.


The most significant and certainly most touching parts of the debutante’s celebration is the 18 roses and 18 candles tradition.

18 significant men in Michelle’s life, from family members and close friends, offer her a rose and dance with her. This ends with a father-daughter dance when Michelle’s dad hands her the 18th rose. He must be so proud and happy that the little girl he used to carry around and play with is now all grown up and about to start a new chapter in her life.

18roses.dad18 roses

18 of Michelle’s closest female family members and friends offer her their best wishes and speak of their most fervent hopes for the future. They light a candle that signifies a bright road ahead in her life’s journey.

18 candles

The celebrant took the stage in a special dance number. She definitely enjoyed herself as much as the audience and rocked the stage with her performance.


The best take-home is an Instagram-worthy selfie in this magical floral fantasy set-up.

photowall and entrance

To borrow a beauty queen’s line, Michelle is looking “confidently beautiful” – graceful and pretty, and ready to take on the world.

celebrant (4)celebrant (8)

A picture of happiness and love, Michelle poses with her loving parents and dashing brother. With her family behind her, there is nothing she can’t do. Like her 18 candles, we wish Michelle only the best in the years ahead!

family (7)family (5)

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Event stylist: Flowers and Events by Teddy Manuel // Photo and video: Niceprint Photography // Cake: Angelyn’s Cake // Host: Michael Lim // Lights and sounds: JL Sound System // Venue: East Ocean Palace

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