Hudson’s Kiddie Oktoberfest Themed Party – 1st Birthday

German Oktoberfest Theme Party Ideas


Dubbed Oktoberfest, it was a festivity full of fun and, well, cheers! So it’s not surprising that it will become an amazing party theme — and for a first birthday to boot! Thanks to Mommy Ann’s unique idea, Party Doll Manila Events together with Dianne Khu Designs pulled all the stops in making li’l Hudson’s first Geburtstag truly fröhlich! Check out all the wonderful snaps from Delightful Little Darlings to know why we absolutely adored organizing this event.

table setting (1)

Revelers were greeted by a charming standee of young Hudson and all things German – him in lederhosen set amidst beer, sausages, and pretzels! We totally loved how the balloon setup was made up of white and yellow, mimicking a frothy mug of malts and hops.


We’re digging the overhead décor that’s giving us a hefty dose of playful vibes! Buntings in baby blue and pastiche of Oktoberfest elements festooned the ceiling.

ceiling (4)ceiling (3)

Spot the giant pretzels dangling in between paper lanterns of red, white, yellow, and gold. Frankly speaking (pun intended!), we loved how lively and cheery the ambience was!

ceiling (6)

What’s an Oktoberfest without a Biergarten? The wurst, err, we mean worst! Taking that cue into mind, the charming stage had all the awesome elements of merry making. Spot the buntings in German colors and the humungous beer mug with all its fizzy and sparkling goodness! We’re stoked to see how the bubbles were playfully reimagined as balloons!

stagestage (2)

A German festivity isn’t complete without beers! Do we hear an ale, we mean, aye? Each table made sure its highlight is a bottle or can of tastebud-tickling beers and was bedecked in red-checkered runners, which added a picnic vibe to the entire setup!

table setting (4)tableA

True to the Oktoberfest theme, younger guests were seated around little picnic tables set on faux verdant lawn! It’s great that there are activity sheets to keep kids entertained. To be honest, it was a pretzel-lent idea!

kids table

Sugarplum Pastries brewed something that’s the wurst ever! And by wurst we mean, da wurst! Bottoms up to them for making this masterpiece a little different—but whimsical, nonetheless— from their previous ones. Its bottom cake was topped with a beer barrel and a sparkling mug of bubbly goodness! Looking at the entire confection, it was, to say the least, mouthwatering!

cake (1)

Of course, the festivities doesn’t stop there! We loved the German-inspired sweets so much so that we can’t pick any faves! Cake pops, macarons, cupcakes, and cookies were insanely detailed and delicately made so we won’t be surprised how guests enjoyed taking their sweet time picking one! Everything was truly köstlich!

sweets (7)sweets (6)sweetssweetsAsweetsBsweetsC

We won’t be denying that every one had gone trigger-happy with this whimsical photo setup! With all the party elements of what makes Oktoberfest such a festive event, this spot is such an inspiring idea!

photo booth (3)photo booth

The dessert buffet is just the icing on the cake. There were loads of food booths to choose from, so guests can take their pick from fried potatoes and grilled sausages! Spot the bottles of refreshing ale to cool down from the heat! Or perhaps a scoop of lip-smacking ice cream will do the trick?

cartsAfood cart (3)food cart (4)

Check out how the game booths were trimmed according to the Oktoberfest theme! Totally festive! With Beer Bubbles Pop and Crazy Beer Can as parlor games, we’re betting guests had a blast winning cool prizes!

game booth1

As tokens of gratitude, every one got to take home a charming personalized bag tag, which was designed with a happy beer mug. There were adorable, lil’ plushies of a smiling beer mug as loot as well!

giveaway (2)giveaway

We can’t deny that young Hudson had an amazing time on his first fete. Look at his big, adorable grin! And how cute is he in his lederhosen? Can we get an aye? To our young, charming celebrant, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Delightful Little darlings // Video: Ford Cabrera Videos // Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Host: Marvin Tomandao


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