Mayor Dylan’s Charming “My Little Town” Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Animal Town Theme Party Ideas


When planning a party, it all starts with – “What party theme will suit best for our precious little one?” There are certainly a lot of party inspirations to choose from, especially for a little boy turning one. Dylan’s parents are quick-witted to utterly create a city just for him. Presenting… Dylantown! Imagine having a bakery, a police station, a fire station, a hospital, a park, a town hall and even a town clock, pretty cool right? And you know what’s even more awesome… they’re run by adorable animals! What a fantastic idea!

We can see that the theme’s main elements appeared on just about everything. With a soft pastel palette, this party is nothing but charming! All shades of blue are the main hues of this affair, complimented by soft colors of green, white, orange and yellow. The animals, of course, stood out with their bright colors.

The creative party styling of The Party Project Manila combined with the hands-on coordination by Party Doll Manila Events made this affair roaring with rapturous appeal. Pretty snaps were shared to us by Delightful Little Darlings, c’mon and let’s take a closer look at this adorable bash.

Just by the invitation, you’ll know already that this is going to be one unique party. I’m sure Dylan’s friends and family wouldn’t miss this for the world.


At the town entrance, guests were welcomed by animals, not the wild ones but the cute and adorable ones.


The ceiling design will make you feel like strolling in the park. There are several arrangements of white balloons that looks like fluffy clouds. Kites of green and yellow were hang atop, along with mini hot air balloons in blue and white stripes. Blue and green party fringe strings were added for a more festive feel.


Everyone would agree that this stage is truly eye-catching, from the charming colors of the backdrop to the smiling animal standees. And did you notice that at the center stage is the town hall, with the town’s little Mayor Dylan waving to say hello!


Tables for adult guests were covered with either blue or green linens with a striped table runner. Each table’s centerpiece is a city building with a designated animal friend to keep our guests company.


This 3-layer cake, concocted by Wynne’s Cakes, is roaring with cuteness! The details on each layer made it very appealing to the eye. I bet it tastes as good as it looks.


At the town bakery, sweet treats came in different forms – they have cakes, cupcakes, sugar cookies and more. Decorated with cute animal faces, it’s not only to satisfy your sweet tooth, but feast your eyes as well. And what else can make your dessert station a hole-lot better, but a doughnut wall! Yes, a wall filled with colorful Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Top that!


Guests, both kids and adults alike, were entertained by the amazing party host, Marvin Tomandao. And the incredible juggling show by the Atienza Brothers kept everyone on the edge of their seats the entire time.


Food carts are available to fill everyone’s tummies before the party starts. This is something that has become a staple at any party.


A lovely photo nook for our social media-savvy guests. A spot worth a million likes.


Dylan’s young guests took home these cute travel bags as party favors. What a wonderful way to remember their time in Dylantown!


The little mayor of Dylantown, our adorable celebrant, Dylan! Looking dashing with his mom and dad.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: The Party Project Manila | Photo: Delightful Little Darlings | Cake: Wynne’s Cakes | Host: Marvin Tomandao | Entertainment: Atienza Bros. | Food carts: Pepi Cubano, Potato Corner, Happy Lemon, Mang Alex Fishballs, and Taho

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