Shaun Riley’s Dino-rrific Theme Party – 1st Birthday

Baby Dino Theme Party Ideas


It’s Shaun’s first birthday, and you know what that means… It’s time for a ROARing good time! It was a definite blast from the past as Party Doll Manila Events together with The Party Project Manila took us back to the Jurassic period with their amazing styling and planning skills. Friends and families partied hard with these cute dinos as Delightful Little Darlings captured every moment of it. Join us and scroll down to see what I mean.

Walking into the venue feels like walking right in to the jungle where our giant dino friends run around.


The ceiling looked as though it was borrowed from the Amazon as leaves in all different shapes and sizes dangle around, catching everybody’s eyes in awe.


I think I’ve been watching the wrong dinosaur movies because I don’t remember them being this adorable! Colorful dinos are scattered on stage waiting for someone to play (and pose) with them.


I’m sure not everybody can say that they’ve dined with a dinosaur before, but Shaun’s guests earned that bragging right! The tables were decorated with real plants, and dino plushies with just the right hint of green and orange colors making everything look so vibrant and alive.


According to my research a dinosaur’s diet consist mainly of green plants, meat, and cake. Wait, what cake? Because I’m sure that the dinosaurs would go wild for this cake by Sugarplum Pastries. Who knew dinosaur cake could look so delicious?


Anyone knows where I can get dinosaur eggs? Because after seeing these, I simply must have them! These desserts, lovingly made by Sugarplum Pastries, were simply divine! From the little dinosaur cupcake toppers to the adorable sugar cookies, everything was perfect for Shaun’s birthday bash.


If there’s one thing reptiles know what to do best, its to make a crowd scream; in a good way – at least here in Shaun’s party! Dr. Bernardo’s Reptile Show caught everyone’s attention when they brought their exotic friends to the party. Every kid had the chance to interact with the adorable creatures! But if you’re not a big fan of the crawlies don’t worry because Jive Mnl got your back! They made everyone jump, move, and grind with their amazing performance which I’m sure every single person enjoyed.


Shaun’s guests not only took home amazing memories from this event, they also took home the most adorable backpacks decorated with dinosaurs and its small soft spikes. Cuteness!


If there’s one thing that’s sure, this memory will never go extinct because Mom and Dad did a great job giving Shaun the best first birthday any kid could ever dream of.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: The Party Project Manila | Photo: Delightful Little Darlings | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Video: Mike Sy Photography | Catering: 8 Spoons Catering | Entertainment: Marvin Tomandao, Jive Mnl and Dr. Bernardo Reptile Show

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