Ying Nan’s Pokemon Themed Party – 7th Birthday

The iconic Pokemon series was huge back in the 90s and I bet every kid knew who Ash and Pikachu were. This childhood favorite recently made a comeback through the Pokemon Go app game and everyone just got hyped up catching ‘em everywhere! Having this as an inspiration of Ying Nan’s 7th birthday celebration is just absolutely superb. There are so many characters to choose from to highlight the party. But the most iconic piece is the PokeBall, which was used in this party in so many ways. Accentuated with green and brown to resemble the forest where most of the Poke Hunt quests took place, the place is also blazing with red and yellow being the main hues of the affair. Kudos to our friends from The Party Project Manila for transforming the party venue into one great PokeWorld.

No need to catch a Pokemon to experience this fun-filled bash as CandyBox Photography captured and shared a few stills for us to see. Let’s go and take a peek at this monstrously incredible celebration.

I choose you! Yes, Ying Nan’s party invitation surely is catchy. Just by getting the PokeBall shaped invite will undoubtedly transport you into the Pokemon world in no-time.

pokemon party invites

The journey to the Pokemon world starts here! Guests are welcomed by standees of the series’ main characters, Ash and Pikachu, on one side, and Eevee on the other side. Cute, cartoonish trees are placed beside the name arch while green, yellow, and white balloon garland are planted behind the standees to highlight the characters.

pokemon party entrance

Forest elements, such as trees and bushes, plus the blue sky, serves as the stage’s backdrop. The perfect place to search and catch for pocket monsters! Look, there are already 4 that you can catch! These Pokemon standees are screaming with cuteness!

pokemon party stage

Multi-colored round, paper lantern and buntings adorned the overhead view of this Pokemon-themed bash. The highlight of the décor is the 2D and 3D PokeBalls scattered around. You can’t have enough PokeBalls to catch and store your Pokemons.

pokemon party ceiling and table

Each table top is jazzed-up with a PokeBall and a different Pokemon. These adorable pocket monsters are placed on top of an artificial grass, with other plants, to appear like they are in a forest. Oh…check out those Pokestops!

pokemon party ceiling and table

This is extremely outrageous! Sweet creations by Mums did an outstanding job creating this 3-layer, delightfully visual concoction. The base of the cake bears Ash and Pikachu. The first layer of the cake is Eevee’s cute face. The second is a fiery Charmander, while the third layer is a flabby Bulbasaur. The topper of this awesome cake is of course, another PokeBall and a Greninja, coz you just have to gotta catch ‘em all!

pokemon party cakepokemon party cake

More enticing sweet treats are up for grabs! Sweet creations by Mums made a variety of yummies to choose from; there’s cupcakes with Pokemon toppers, PokeBall and Pikachu sugar cookies, PokeBall cake pops, and so much more! This dessert station is definitely a perfect stop for hungry Pokemon Masters.

sweets (7)pokemon party sweetspokemon party sweetspokemon party sweets

Guests both kids and young at heart are treated to a breath-taking act. The captivating magic show by Tito Lou Hilario and the fun games hosted by Marvin kept everyone up their toes.

pokemon party showpokemon party showpokemon party showpokemon party show

Most of the prizes that awaits game players are cool Pokemon-themed plushies. But of course, there are a lot of other prizes that everyone can catch.

pokemon party prizespokemon party prizes

What’s a party without food carts? Big Scoop ice cream and Potato Corner flavored fries are two of the to-die-for goodies at this party.


Let’s make those tiny hands a little dirty, in a very colorful way. Little ones are given the chance to let their creative juices flowing in this painting nook.

activity (1)activity

A special corner was created to serve as a background for one of Ying Nan’s party favors. Photos for the bag tag souvenir are taken at this Instagram-worthy spot.

photo-op (2)souvenir (2)souvenir (3)

Anyone would love to have one of these cute and cuddly Pikachu plushies/blankets. A perfect take-away from a Pokemon-themed affair.


Our charming little man, Ying Nan, having a photo-op with Pokemon Mascots. Our birthday boy surely had a blast at his awesome party!

pokemon party family

Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordinator and planner: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: The Party Project Manila // Cake and desserts: Sweet creations by Mums // Photo and video: CandyBox Photography // Activities: The Party Project // Souvenir: Digigifts

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