Shelly and Shelyn’s Royal Tea Party – 7th Birthday

The tradition of drinking tea in the afternoon started in the distant past and was popularized by the royalties in the UK. They would gather around with friends and family members and pair this drink with sandwiches. Nowadays, these parties are enjoyed not only by the grown-ups but also by children. The Party Project Manila brought together the old but highly fashionable tea party and modern day birthday celebration for our lovely twins, Shelly and Shelyn. Let us welcome our princesses!

Their guests were greeted by this pretty coral gate. Its curbs on the top creates a vibe suitable for your majesty.

entrance (1)entrance (2)

These beautiful streamers brought a cheerful yet classic atmosphere to the crowd. Its color made the setting bloom even more.

ceiling (3)

All shades of pink are on stage but those pastel letter standees made Shelly and Shelyn’s name pop. The flowers in the background, the crown resting on top and the pure white sofa combined are the perfect representation of a fairy tale dream!

stage (3)stage (8)stage (5)

Fresh flowers were placed on tables bringing a sense of nature since tea parties are usually held in gardens. They were completed by the centerpiece accents which were the umbrellas and pedestal plates.

tale (1)tale (2)

What else is a more fitting confection to this occasion than a castle cake? Look at how intricate the jewelry and embroidered flowers are around it. Sweet Creations by Mums gave so much love to it that it is flawless up to the tiniest details.

cakecake (4)cake (3)

Desserts were made magical by the hanging blossoms and illuminated table skirt. The cake pops and cupcakes are equally charming.

sweetssweets (4)sweets (3)

The cookies and teacups look absolutely delicate but tempting. I cannot think of anything more to add to make them look better!

sweets (2)sweets (5)sweets (7)sweets

Every little girl’s childhood heroine came to life at Shelly and Shelyn’s party! Hello Princess Anna, Elsa and Belle!

entertainment (4)

Everyone is more than glad to be on queue for these comfort food! Yuuumm!

carts (1)

The highlight of every birthday bash is right here. The kids made sure they’ll pin the crown and pour the tea right so they can get the exciting prizes from the twins!

game boothsprizes (1)

Get ready for a makeover like a queen. This salon must have gotten the buzz due to overflowing guests.


These darling couches are waiting for the cheerful guests to take snaps on it. I’m sure no one missed the opportunity to capture wonderful moments on this day for keeps.

photo-op (1)photo-op (4)

Even the favors were enchanting. Thank you for letting us take them home Shelly and Shelyn!

giveaways (1)giveaways (2)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: The Party Project Manila // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Caterer: 8 Spoons Catering // Host: Madz Canillas // Entertainment: Leodini and Madison Events

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