Eman’s Surprise Beerfest Themed Party – 30th Birthday

Pinoy Oktoberfest Theme Party


What better way to say “30 Cheers” than with beers, right? Make no mistake: you are still on the same kid-centric Party Doll Manila page! But while we love featuring exquisite children’s parties, beer bonanzas have also made it to our list, especially if it’s brimming with unique details such as this one.

This beer bash is the first-ever surprise party that PDM had handled, and as nerve-wracking as it is, it was also super fun! Eman is definitely the man of the hour, massive thanks to his special half who was the think-tank behind the event. Planning a party is already a feat in itself; planning it in secret is an entirely different story. Needless to say, Eman was the very definition of shock and incredulity come D-Day.

surprise (2)surprise (1)surprise (3)

Dianne Khu Designs helmed the venue styling to ensure that it exudes the perfect Pinoy Oktoberfest feels. To stay true to the theme, beer colors were used. Most elements were in amber and yellow hues, and pops of red were leveraged as accents. Logos of popular beer brands were also used as design details. One would think that a 30th birthday beer party for a guy would bleed machismo and would be hardcore; this one may not be what you expect. It was all about wholesome and unadulterated (pun intended) fun.

Ready to get drunk with overflowing charming deets? Grab your pilsen pals and scroll down below for some Happy Folk Studio stills.

No frills, just chills. Less is more, so to speak, and this set-up is the perfect example to that. Aside from serving as a mark to the place, it was also used to show the table assignments. Aesthetics, check. Function, check.


Awesome ceiling installments are practically unspoken trademarks of Dhianne Khu Designs. Swags in beer colored palette swept overhead, giving off a somewhat intense kind of feel. Japanese lanterns in red and copper hues added variety, and beer crowns provided more visual impact to the set-up.

ceiling (3)ceiling (2)

It might be impossible to miss where the main area is, however drunk one is. It would be difficult not to notice the larger-than-life ales just waiting to be feasted on (by eyes, of course!). Huge beer caps accentuated the area, giving off more character to the stage; and clusters of small balloons would make you think of rich fizz from a freshly-poured booze. Capping off with wit, a mock version of a popular beer brand logo was brandished as the party’s ‘official’ emblem. Can you guess what year Eman was born?

stage (1)

It’s a beer party, so you won’t find any immaculate linens in here. Wooden tables provided the perfect laid-back atmosphere. Centerpieces were comprised of beer bottles and small flower arrangements. But here’s the quirky detail: instead of table numbers, guests were designated to their tables according to a hard drink. Talk about being crafty.

table (7)tableA

Sugarplum Pastries has been known to delight clients and guests with extraordinary sweets; and Eman’s cake is no exception. Oozing with a barrel-full of amusing details, it features an overflowing beer mug, bottles of local alcoholic beverages and iconic street food. It’s fun-looking, cute, and yet it has the perfect amount of appeal for adult guests.

cake (1)cake (2)

The desserts spread is intoxicatingly charming! While sugar cookies were coated with beer quotes, cake pops and cupcakes were disguised as tankards, and Oreo cookies poised as liquor crowns. One can consume as many beer sweets as he wants without the fear of getting tipsy.

sweets (7)sweets (3)sweetsAsweets (5)

Beer is not the only thing that’s overflowing at this party. Unlimited fun and laughter are guaranteed, especially since Eman’s brewskies have prepared some surprises up their sleeves. 30 Cheers, 30 of our main man’s best buds and best girl, gave heartfelt messages which earned tears, smiles and guffaws. Eman’s daughter had also rendered a special song number. Games included Name That Tune, Arrange Yourselves, Dance Off and Flip Cup. The highlight of the night is arguably the surprise dance number by Eman’s bros to the tune of “Careless Whisper”.

30 cheers (3)30 cheers (12)30 cheers (1)birthday song (1)games (2)games (5)games (8)games (11)dance number (2)

As quick bites, guests were treated to Black Wagyu and Nacho King, aka the perfect beer matches. You can also choose your (pretty) poison at the Mixed Mobile Bar. Not in the mood for some alcohol? Head on to Bono Gelato instead.

carts (2)cartAcarts (1)cart3

As thank you tokens, Eman’s guests were given perfume and personalized frosted beer mugs. Yaaaas!

giveawaysgiveaways (2)

From “Awww!” to “Awesome!”, this party has given us so many feels.

celebrant (9)celebrantA

Check out Bella Morcen Films’ super awesome video coverage here:

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo: Happy Folks Studio // Video: Bella Morcen Films // Sweets: Sugarplum Pastries // Host: RJ Arroyo // Food carts: Black Wagyu, Nacho King, Bono Gelato and Mixed Mobile Bar // Venue: 55 Events Place

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