Olivia’s Disney’s “It’s a Small World” Themed Party – 2nd Birthday

Disney’s It’s a Small World-theme party ideas

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What a delightful little world we live in! And you know what? Olivia’s birthday celebration embodied exactly that! What makes our small world so fantastic? Well, it’s all about making friends, being snug with family, and embarking on exciting adventures. The list is endless, but for the moment, let’s dive into Happy Folks Studio’s photos and marvel at how Bespoke Manila and Kaye Garceia Events worked their magic, giving Olivia’s celebration a truly one-of-a-kind spin on this wonderful theme!

Step into a world where the entrance feels like a happy exhale of fresh air! Picture this: a pastel pink entrance arch enveloping you, with a burst of pastel yellow sun in the backdrop, creating an ambiance that feels like a warm welcome hug for everyone crossing the threshold.


Look up, and you’ll find a ceiling that’s like a party in the sky! A playful mix of Japanese paper lanterns and banners, all in perfect harmony. The pastel hues are not just easy on the eyes; they’re practically a visual treat.


The stage mirrors the enchantment of our favorite Disneyland ride, radiating delightful vibes through its vibrant facade and large flowers. Also, be sure not to overlook the charming cutouts of kids wearing traditional attire from various parts of the globe.


Each table turns into a happy space with blue hydrangeas and a cute “It’s a Small World” plushie as the star. Isn’t this just adorable?


Since it’s a small world after all, take a peek at the kiddie tables where the magic is amplified with Mickey Mouse Disney ear headbands.

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Prepare for a swoon-worthy masterpiece! Every detail is on point, from the geometric shapes in fondant creating a whimsical backdrop, to the little joyful characters. You can almost hear them singing the famous Disney tune.


Even Olivia’s cupcakes look so cheerful.


The day is filled with a fun food fiesta! Disney-themed shows work like a magical bonding spell for family and friends, and, naturally, they’re best enjoyed with a side of snacks.

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Why stop at just fun when you can sprinkle in some games and activities too?


Guess what the giveaway is? It’s not just any giveaway; it’s a huggable personalized pillow paired with some artsy treasures! I mean, isn’t that like the ultimate starter pack for tiny adventurers?


Here are some of the beautiful portraits of the celebrant with her parents in their small world.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Planning and coordination: Bespoke Manila | Stylist: Kaye Garcia Events | Photo: Happy Folks Studio | Activity: The Nest Party & Playpad | Entertainment: Clowning Around

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