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Disney Aladdin Theme Party Ideas

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In the words of the fast-talking, larger-than-life Genie from the classic Disney animation, ‘Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.’ Among the countless occasions in a person’s life, few can match the significance of a birthday, where numerous joyous moments are shared with loved ones. This holds true for siblings Andrea and Alonzo, who created countless cherished memories while celebrating their birthday as Jasmine and Aladdin in a magnificently themed party.

With its ‘phenomenal cosmic power,’ the style genius behind Dianne Khu Designs created an enchanting and lighthearted ‘Party in Agrabah’ vibe. Join us on a magical carpet ride and experience the captivating moments from Andrea and Alonzo’s birthday celebration through these wonderful photos captured by Harry Lim Photography.

A remarkable view welcomed the guests upon arrival: the entrance with its keyhole arch and the ornate window screens on the side, typical of Mughal architecture, from which the story of Aladdin is known to have originated. The same keyhole arch and intricate geometric patterns adorned Andrea and Alonzo’s photowall, where guests enjoyed taking selfies for their Instagram or Facebook stories.

entrance (215)photowall (65)

Inside, the guests were treated to a visual delight as the ceiling decor came alive with a burst of vibrant colors. Balloon clusters in shades of orange, blue, and purple alternated with paper lanterns and glittery stars, all hanging under the mesmerizing blue and purple ceiling drapes.

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If there was one aspect of this party that truly encapsulated Aladdin and Jasmine’s enchanting world, it would be the stage. The Sultan’s palace served as a breathtaking backdrop, with clusters of balloons on the sides creating the illusion of the palace floating among the clouds. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine were elevated in the air on a magic carpet, while the playful presence of Rajah and Abu added an extra touch of splendor to the already magnificent stage.

stage (52)stage (56)stage (58)stage (59)stage (61)

Andrea and Alonzo enjoyed the VIP seats, which they shared with their friends. These cushy pillows were arranged right in front of the stage, ensuring a delightful show experience. The kiddie tables were adorned with custom party placemats, featuring a fun coloring activity. As for the other tables, they were decorated with a lamp, either an Aladdin or Princess Jasmine doll, and a beautiful flower arrangement comprising mums and statice flowers.

kiddie table (53)kiddie table (54)table

The celebrants each had a cake specially designed for them. Andrea had a two-tier cake embellished with a fondant Jasmine on a magic carpet. Little jasmine flowers were scattered around the first layer, while the Sultan’s palace in fondant and a cute fondant Rajah completed the details of this adorable cake. Alonzo’s cake featured Aladdin as Prince Ali riding on an elephant, making his grand entrance into Agrabah. Alongside a fondant Genie and Abu, a camel and peacock were also included, making this one of the best Aladdin cakes ever.

cake (1)cake (5)

A party favorite, Potato Corner was around to satisfy the guests’ craving for hot, crispy fries. For dessert, everyone enjoyed the unique ice cream flavors from Merry Moo Ice Cream. To cap the delicious meal, the mommies and daddies at the party appreciated Abstract Café PH’s fresh brews that warmed both the heart and the tummy.

carts (145)carts (150)carts (151)

The show was a resounding success with the magic tricks and ventriloquy by Magic of Marcus and the superb performances by the singers from Madison Events, Inc. Now THAT’s entertainment!


The corner with the prizes and giveaways was virtually a Toy Kingdom stall at the party venue. The sight must have made many young hearts flutter with excitement.

prizes (69)prizes (70)

This birthday is indeed one special day that the family will remember with fondness. Let’s wish them well as they venture forward into the whole new world that awaits them.

family (46)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs | Coordination by Celebrations Unlimited | Photo and Video: Harry Lim Photography | Venue: East Ocean Palace | Host,Magic, ventriloquism and other entertainment: Magic of Marcus | Disney Characters Singers and performers: Madison Events, Inc. | Food Carts: Abstract Cafe PH , Potato Corner , Merry Moo Ice Cream

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