Sab’s Tutu and Bow Tie Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Every little girl dreams of becoming a ballerina – classy and graceful. With their tutus on, ushered by little boys in bow ties, they think they can conquer the world one twirl at a time. Styled by DianneKhu Designs, I think my heart just exploded from all the cuteness! I pinky promise you that this Tutu and Bow tie party is nothing short of wonderful. From the stage design to the smallest detail around the tables, every area of this party makes me want to pirouette with joy! Using blush pink and black combination, Sab’s girly bash looks utterly chic through and through. Without further ado, let us dance on our tippy toes and check out this delightful set as captured by Amilon Ignacio Photography.

What a treat! Who wouldn’t want to enter in style? Their entrance setup, alone, can already be a good place for photo-op!

entrance (2).eentrance (1).eentrance (3).e

Upon entering, the first thing that made my eyes pop was the gallery – yes, Sab’s photo gallery! I love how they presented the photos perfectly in this fun installation.

gallery (1).egallery (2).e

Look up and see their exorbitant ceiling! Filled with black, pink, white and gold elements, their ceiling installation looks awesome.


You can never go wrong when the main stage is dressed with simplicity and yet looks adorable as this. With Dianne Khu’s signature look, well, I think that it goes perfectly with the theme!

stage (4).estage (1).e

Let me take you to one of my favorites, the close up view. And yes, I am talking about the tables and how it was beautifully presented. What is that saying again, “A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” Hey, with this kind of table, alone, I think I’m already happy.

table (1).etable (2).etableCkiddie tableA

Don’t even start on me with the cake with 4-layer fondant. Same as the ballerina, it was presented with class and grace. And hey, it is still true to its promise of tutus and bow ties.


Ohhh…even Sab’s dessert spread was dressed to the tee! With a brimful of pretty desserts showcased wonderfully in this table, I don’t even know where to look first! I think I will just keep them. Or, fine, I’ll eat them later, but first, examine that minutiae

sweets (17)sweets (2).esweetsBsweets (1).esweets (4).esweetsAsweetsCsweets (12).e

Of course, in a party so fancy, smashing entertainment and yummy snacks are in order.

show (2).eshowAshow.ecart.e

And, more fun and activities! Yes, they handed out those tutus and tiaras to all the little girls and bow ties for the little dudes in attendance to complete their look. How lovely, there’s even a glam team at the side to make sure that they all look and feel the part.

show (4).eactivities (1).eactivities (2).e

I love Sab’s wacky facial expression on these shots! She surely looks like a fun girl to be with noh?

family.efamilyAfamily (1).e


Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs // Event Coordinator: Celebrations Unlimited // Photographer: Amilon Ignacio Photography // Desserts: Sugarplum Pastries // Caterer: Passion Cooks // Venue: Blue Leaf

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