Nala’s Gorgeous Geometric Princess Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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Once upon a time, daughters were seen mostly like pretty flowers, soft and gentle, and somehow needing protection. But that was then… In today’s mindset, daughters are so much more. They can very well be likened to a geometric shape – multi-faceted indicating adaptability and skill; sharp, with a keen, penetrating mind; always with a “central tendency” indicating constancy and an inner strength, and symmetry for beauty. And because Nala is such a daughter, her parents teamed up with the styling genius – Dianne Khu Designs to give her a geometric princess themed birthday that spells gorgeous, gleeful and girl-power! Check out these awesome photos by Niceprint Photography. Enjoy!

Princess Nala’s guests enter her geometric kingdom through a portal that’s not quite a hexagon. The color palette for the party is at once defined in lavender, carnation pink, sunshine yellow, and sky blue.

entrance (2)

The ceiling is awash with colors! It’s a visual feast with yellow, pink and mint green ceiling drapes. Purple honeycomb lanterns and dazzling diamonds made from gold tinsel and pink crepe paper hang at the center, while pastel-hued paper ball lanterns hang randomly around.

ceiling (3)ceiling (2)

The stage screams Diamond Rush, an exciting platform game played on android phones. But in place of an archaeologist is a heroine Princess wearing a pink tiara and a glittery pink dress. She’s ready to go off to an adventure on a quaint octagon-shaped coach along a road strewn with gigantic gem stones.

stage (2)stage (3)

The tables were draped with soft, yellow cloth and a purple and white pin-striped table runner. The centerpiece consists of the adorable geometric princess and her octagon-shaped coach. A pretty flower arrangement of Gerber daisies and pink and white cabbage roses adds a fresh, very feminine touch.


Nala’s awesome three-layer cake is covered in smooth, seamless powder pink fondant. A geometric pattern is stencilled in with edible food paint. Peonies in pretty pastel colors make a brilliant embellishment along with a geometric princess cake topper.


The dessert spread is a galvanizing sight for every sweet tooth. The chocolate-covered oreos, cake pops and cupcakes make for a wonderful party-in-the-mouth experience.

sweetssweets (2)sweets (3)

For an extension of the “party-in-the-mouth” experience, guests are treated to an impressive array of food choices from Spud Buds’ menu, and those offered by Potato King, Siomai King and Las Hermanas. There’s also more dessert from Fickle Ice Cream and Fluffed Co. There’s nothing better than Lemon Drop’s freshly squeezed lemon juice to wash all these food down.

cartcarts (1)carts (4)carts (2)carts (3)carts (5)

Nala’s guests, both young and old, are a captive audience when Lou Hilario takes to the stage with his magic tricks.

show (3)

The children channeled their inner Elsa singing the theme from Frozen with the singing Disney princesses from Madison Events Inc.

show (2)show (6)

The guests took home wonderful giveaways from Nala’s birthday – handy purple totes, soap from Eunoia and perfume from NC Perfume Bar.

giveawaysgiveaways (3)giveaways (2)

I wouldn’t mind taking a couple of photos in their gorgeous photo-op area! So IG-worthy, indeed.


Nala has just turned 1 but she holds the world in her hands. With mom, Camille and dad, John, and big brother Nathan, she’s ready to conquer the world!

family (1)family (8)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Dianne Khu Designs // Photo and Video: Nice Print Photography // Party Coordination: Celebrations Unlimited // Cake and Dessert Table: Sugarplum Pastries // Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas // Invitations: Print Divas // Nala’s first gown: Patricia Santos // Nala’s second gown: Joe San Antonio // Souvenirs: Eunoia (Soap Carving Station), NC Perfume Bar, Prints R Us! by @clayclayee (cusomized pen, sketch pad and notepad) // Entertainment: Lou Hilario (Magic show) and Madison Events Inc. // Food Carts: Spud Buds, Fickle Ice Cream, Fluffed Co. (Cotton Candy), Las Hermanas (Party Carts), Diana Zubiri’s food carts (Siomai King and Potato King) // TakoBar Manila (Takoyaki) and Lemon Drops // Giveaways: Arteegram, VTech Toys, Joie Baby Philippines // Food Catering: Juan Carlo the Caterer Inc.

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