Artyst’s Tropical Aviary Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Chic Aviary Theme Party Ideas


When we say tropical theme, we always think of leis, pineapples, palm trees, and flip-flops as usual party décor. It’s quite rare, in fact, to come across a fete that takes on a tres chic twist. We’re excited to share some darling snaps from li’l Artyst Brielle’s tropical aviary-themed 7th birthday, as captured through the lens of Artystafoto Kids. And true to her name, Artyst had an artsy, fancy soiree that’s elegantly styled by the amazing team from Plan N’ Style. Enjoy this tasteful celebration before it flies away!

We love how simple yet stylish Artyst’s invites were – from the serif font in black to the lovely flora and fauna in vibrant watercolors. The lush greenery is unmistakable, but the splash of tropical colors truly made the white invitations such a refreshing sight.


Guests were welcomed with a lone letter ‘A’, which was beautifully decorated according to theme as a single macaw perched atop a frond. Birds of paradise and an assortment of foliage further made for a charming décor.

entrance (2)

We already know that this celebration is a stylish affair, but we’re still happily surprised with the clean, minimalist look of the stage. Whites dominated the background while a smattering of greens and colors made the entire setup lively. A gallery of vibrant colorful illustrations on macaw, flamingo, toucan, and tropical flora adorned the whitewashed wall, while a few cushions tastefully filled the floors for a cozy affair.


How do we begin to describe the oh-so charming table setup? Everything had a natural, organic feel to it that can only be attributed to the overhanging verdant décor. It felt like you’re dining in a lush tropical paradise rather than at Ted’s Kitchen in Laguna! Wood chips, sprawling fresh greens, and white candelabras made for sophisticated table centerpieces and rustic accents.

table (1)tablebtable (3)

Young Artyst’s cake was a four-tiered masterpiece crafted from the kitchen of Pau Cabrega. Hand-painted leaves embellished the white confection, as topped with a handmade macaw effigy.


A miscellany of pastries and sweet treats filled the dessert spread for everyone to enjoy. From cupcakes to cookies, everything was intricately designed with vibrant, colorful details in tune with the tropical theme. We spotted whimsical renditions of flora and fauna that topped the scrumptious goodies! Everything is just too pretty to gobble up. Macaws, parrots, toucans, love birds, and cockatiels were done with such amazing accuracy, making them truly Instagram-worthy!

sweets (5)sweetsAsweetsBsweets (4)

As token of Artyst’s gratitude to friends and family, each gets to take home JoJo Siwa-inspired hair bows. Lovely indeed!


It looks like Artyst will grow up to be a fine young lady with such elegant, stylish tastes at a tender age. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of her wonderful celebrations with her loving family.

family (8)familyAfamilyB

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Styling/Coordination: Plan N’ Style // Photo and video: Artystafoto Kids // Cake: Pau Cabrega // Pastries and bird effigies: Party Bitz & Pieces // Hairbow Station: Little Miss Caylee // Host and entertainment: Team Gen // Venue: Ted’s Kitchen Laguna and Gel Salonga

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