Ashton’s Camp Mickey Themed Party – 1st Birthday

I am so hyped about this party! Camp-themed parties never fail to awaken the adventurer in all of us. In this party though, there is no need to unleash the Bear Grylls within, and one does not have to go to some far-flung boondocks. As if a camp theme is not fun enough, Ashton’s parents decided to bring it to the next level and incorporate, not just one, but two other exciting themes: wild Safari and the all-time favorite Mickey Mouse! Party Divas PH deserves a slow clap with this one. Not only were they able to bring the outdoors into the party, they were also able to include two other concepts seamlessly. And boy, what an amped-up party this is! Food trucks, animal encounters and a s’mores station? “Wow” would be an understatement!

So let’s take a hike to Ashton’s camp through these stills from Starfish, shall we? Oh, and see if you can find some hidden Mickeys along the trail.

I really like Ashton’s unique invites. Nothing fancy shmancy; just an overload of cuteness. I especially like the envelope’s out-of-the-box closure. It’s definitely worthy of anyone’s seal of approval.


The mood for exploring has really been set by this entrance installation. Tons of lush greens brought in the outdoors vibe. Campers were given Mickey Mouse ears, too! Ashton’s adorable baby pictures were showcased right by the camp rules and a tire swing has also lent in some playful feel to this area. Based on the campground signs, campers are in for a fun-filled day!

entrance (3)entrance1entrance (2)

Instead of the usual balloons, the venue ceiling was decorated with banners and leafage for that alfresco feel. Fairy lights and swags made it magical and whimsical.

stageceiling (2)

Ashton’s campsite stage was too cute for words! This little turf was the perfect campground for any wilderness aficionado out there. Complete with a pitched tent, a roving jeep, a couple of camping director’s chairs and some jungle safari animals. What’s a campsite without a campfire, right? Check out the crackling fire right smack in the middle of the set-up! We absolutely love it when small details make big statements, like the pile of rocks painstakingly arranged around the campfire.

stage (3)stage (2)stage (4)

I am in absolute awe at how all three themed worked so well together to spruce up the tables at the party. If you haven’t found a hidden Mickey yet, then you’d better start your hunt at the tables. I love those Mickey Mouse topiaries! Ashton’s initials in animal prints plus cute little wildlife plushies highlighted the safari theme. Finally, to bring in some campsite excitement, centerpieces like campfire and camping cookery were used.

table (4)table (6)table (3)tabletableA

The kids’s tables were downright cool. I think they knew that the kids will not be able to keep to their seats due to excitement. So they laid flat, low-lying tables made from wooden pallets and let the children station themselves on the floor with pillows and cushions. Pretty neat!

kiddie table

Don’t you just love a cake that’s garnished with cute and perfect details? We do! That’s why this cake is definitely one for the books! Mickey Mouse trying to stay hidden decorated the base layer while Ashton’s name in animal prints jazzed up the second one. Gathered on top of the second layer, animal friends have caused some hullabaloo due to uncontained excitement. Topping up this sweet confection is a happy camper in his cute little campsite.

cakecake (2)cake2

The event’s desserts station veered away from the usual, as guests were treated to delights such as buko pandan and banoffee.

food (1)

S’mores are camping staples, and this party did not disappoint. Everyone can gather ’round the bar and toast their own s’mores to their heart’s content.


If I may highlight yet again, this party has brought party entertainment up a notch. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why I’m totally wild about this affair: First, there was the Balloon Dance Show. Mind you, this is a combo of dancing and balloon twisting! Next, we also have a show courtesy of Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Who wouldn’t love that? Then there were the food carts and the food trucks. Camping entails a load of activities, so food scarcity is a big no-no. Finally, and probably the most-awaited show in this party: the animal encounter! Yes, small animals were big stars in Ashton’s birthday celebration. Happy campers, these kids are!

show (12)show (7)show (2)show (1)show (9)cart (1)cart

Nope, the fun does not stop even if the shows have (or have not started yet)! These activities gave us more reason to love this party! I’m sure the kids will remember this one for a long stretch of time. Coloring activity is a surefire way to keep them kids busy. In keeping up with the tradition of leveling things up, kids were also treated to Animal Kingdom Rides!

activity (3)activity (2)

In lieu of a photo area (which is pretty much unnecessary due to the fact that all areas of the venue can be used for a photo sesh), guests can pose by the Safari Adventure Booth and take home their photos.


Still have room for more awesome party knickknacks? Check out the souvenirs! Personalized blankies and pet goldfish! Kids surely had a grand time trying their hand at ‘fishing’!

giveawaysgiveaways (2)

Here’s camp master Ashton, all smiles with his explorer parents!

family (6)family (1)

Check out the party highlights here:


Vendors who made it happen:

Styling, planning & coordination: Party Divas PH // Photo & Video: Starfish Media & 430 Films // Host: Apollo Abraham // Entertainment: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Tectonix & Dr. Bernardo Animal Show // Caterer: The Creamery Catering // Food trucks: The Cheesesteak Shop & Shawarma Bros // Food carts: Mang Alex’s Fish Balls & Crafty Celebrations // Side Activities: Animal Rides, Color Play Happy & Go Make // Souvenirs: Personalized keychains: Crafted by Q.K.C, Photoman & Embroidered Blankets // Sounds & lights: D’ Soundz // Rotating Cake: Simply Scrumptious

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