Paco’s TEE-rific Golf Themed Party – 1st birthday

Golf Theme Party Ideas

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Fore! Get ready for a tee-rific adventure as we step onto the green fairways of Paco’s golf-themed birthday bash. With Style it Dainty’s magic touch, check out how they’ve turned golf into a kid’s dreamland, where putters become playmates and laughter is the only par that matters.

Now, join us as we take a swing at the snapshots captured by Cocoon Studio.

When guests arrived, they were met with a lovely entrance setup decorated with colorful balloons in mint green, navy blue, and off-white. Amidst the whimsical balloon display, a cheerful board proudly announced, “Paco Turns One,” setting the tone for the joyous celebration that awaited inside.

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The venue’s ceiling became a magical canvas for the celebration. Adorned with banners and Japanese paper lanterns, it looked as though a burst of color and festivity had exploded against the backdrop of a bright, airy white ceiling, creating an enchanting and whimsical canopy.

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The main area of the party was an absolute showstopper, serving as the backdrop for the celebration and a picture-perfect spot for memorable moments. Following the chic style of the entrance, it featured oversized letter standees that spelled out “PACO” in bold, eye-catching fashion.

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The tables were a sight to behold, dressed to impress in tranquil blue tablecloths that complemented the silver chairs perfectly. As if straight from a dreamy golf course, white roses and lush faux golf grass graced the tables, and at the heart of it all, golf balls nestled among the greenery served as unique centerpieces.

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One of the stars of the show was the incredible cake by Felicity Patisserie. This two-tiered masterpiece transformed a golf course into a sweet delight, complete with intricate details like a charming golf cart and an adorable little Paco cake topper.

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The surprises didn’t stop there; accompanying the cake were cupcakes designed to resemble golf balls and carts nestled in lush “grass.” It was a stroke of dessert genius that left everyone in awe and craving a taste of the delightful golf-themed sweetness!

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The food carts at Paco’s birthday bash were a gastronomic delight, offering a fantastic range of treats to satisfy every craving.

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The party was buzzing with activities that brought endless fun for guests of all ages. The mini-golf course turned everyone into mini-golf pros, with putters and obstacles creating friendly competition and laughter. The giant connect game challenged minds, while the ball pit was a whirlwind of excitement, where kids and adults alike dove into a sea of white and blue balls for boundless playfulness.

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The giveaways at Paco’s birthday bash were more than just party favors; they sure lool like exclusive golf club merch! Personalized drawstring bags, caps, and towels, all elegantly labeled as “Paco’s Putt Club,” made everyone feel like they’d just become honorary members of the coolest golf society in town.

giveaways (5)giveaways (21)giveaways (20)

In these heartwarming photos, Paco was surrounded by his loving family. It was a perfect moment, capturing the love, happiness, and cherished memories of this wonderful family on this special day.

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Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling : Style it Dainty | Photographer: Cocoon Studio | Cake: Felicity Patisserie | Catering: Via Mare | Lechon: Elars | Beer Tap: Bulul Brewery | Food Carts: Potato corner fries, Hungry Daddy streetfood, Pouf cotton candy and Merry Moo ice cream | Play area: Fairyfunph and Fifthhouse

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