Harin’s “Beary” Adorable Autumn Picnic Birthday Party – 3rd Birthday

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Picture the colorful autumn leaves painting a stunning view, rivaling the most spectacular sunsets. Doesn’t that create a beautiful scene? Inspired by this, Harin’s Omma and Appa decided to throw an autumn picnic-themed party to celebrate her 3rd birthday.

As certain as the changing seasons, there’s no one better to deliver the perfect birthday bash than Party Doll Manila Events, who collaborated with the style wizards at Party Magic to create a party for Harin that pays homage to Korea’s remarkable autumn season. They added some adorable teddy bears for good measure, ensuring that Harin’s parents knew this party would be a winner in their little girl’s eyes. Pram & Cradle brilliantly captured every wonderful moment with photos that will help the family remember this day.

Everyone’s focus was on the lovely celebrant, Harin, and the well-curated stage where cute, cuddly bears appeared ready to join the guests in the merrymaking. Since this was entirely her special day, one very distinct detail was the Harin standee, wearing a huge smile on her face.

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Guests had a blast taking photos in the autumn picnic photowall with cute bears and lovely balloons all around.


The tables were adorned with white tablecloths and checkered runners. On each table, a fluffy brown bear rested on a white cart filled with pumpkins, perfectly fitting the autumn theme of the party.


Harin’s two-layer cake impressed all the guests; it looked so good that it was almost too beautiful to eat. Made with fondant and chocolate, the cake featured meticulously crafted bears, pumpkins, acorns, and a lovely fondant replica of Harin.


Craving sweets? No worries, as Sugarplum Pastries had it all covered. Everyone delighted in cupcakes with whipped cream frosting, macarons, and cake pops.


Guests also had the option of choosing between pistachio mousse with edible chocolate spoon and premium FIC (Fruits in Ice Cream) flavors. Everyone’s cravings were surely satisfied!


It was a gourmet adventure, savoring bite after bite of the best dishes on The Creamery Catering’s menu.


Pretend play reached a new level of fun for Harin and her friends with a café, grocery store, and salon designed especially for the little ones.


They also had the chance to express their inner artists by adding their creativity to pre-designed canvas panels using poster paints.

kiddie area_3573kiddie area_7487

For many children, there’s nothing more magical and a guaranteed source of endless fun than bubbles. Harin’s party certainly lived up to that expectation, as the picture clearly shows. And, of course, there were games – plenty of them, because in the end, there were fantastic prizes to be won!


“If a picture is worth a thousand words,” this one would convey joy, hearts brimming with love, a celebration of family, and every positive feeling in the world. Saranghae, Harin!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Party Magic | Photo: Pram & Cradle | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Host: Sang Pascual | Show: Bubble Show Manila | Catering: The Creamery Catering | Food cart: FIC | Lights and sounds: D’ Soundz | Play area: La Petite Ville

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