Cammie’s Coachella Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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For Cammie’s first birthday, Bespoke Manila expertly blended elements of happiness, positive vibes, and harmony into a Coachella-themed party. The day brimmed with an atmosphere of joy and entertainment, courtesy of everyone who gathered with the family. Now, let’s embark on a journey through the memorable events of this festival-theme celebration.

This lighted entryway greeted the guests as they arrived at the venue. It reminded me of the geometric patterns I usually see in paintings, and it’s incredible to witness something like this in real life!


Enhanced with a tepee tent, warm lighting, and cozy throw pillows, the stage exuded the ambiance of an acoustic evening. Positioned at ground level, it offered easy access to all, fostering a more intimate and close-knit ambiance.


These tables, draped in purple tutu fabric, possess a certain beauty in their modesty. The flowers in the empty bottle vases and the miniature tepee centerpieces further accentuated their charm.


For the little ones, homey picnic benches were set up where they could sit with their fellow kiddos and enjoy the meal.

kiddie table_1063

Sugarplum Pastries nailed it with this boho cake, featuring a textured watercolor accent layer. It exudes both hip and graceful vibes, with florals on the top and bottom balancing it perfectly.


The dessert spread, which was both visually stunning and mouth-watering, was a hit. The sweets were decorated with festival symbols such as the ferris wheel, palm tree, dream catchers, and colorful feathers. There were also ‘drinks’ for the kids so they could enjoy some milk!


Guests don’t need to miss out on the fun while having a bite because a grazing table has been prepared for anyone who just wants to relax and socialize. Here, you can enjoy a little bit of everything.


Cammie didn’t forget to include a taste of Filipino treats by sharing these yummy desserts. I’m sure no one went home without munching on taho, sorbetes and pudding!


The craze continued, with not only the children but also the adults lining up at the game booths. Those who won prizes exchanged them for fun treats from the shelves.

gamebooths_1171gamebooths_1158gamebooths_1137game boothsgame booths A

Competitiveness filled the air as the real battle began. Everyone had the chance to burn off some energy by participating in the games and cheering for the players.


The folks are in good and vibrant spirits as they wrap up the bash. It has been an extraordinary day filled with delight, good food, and priceless memories.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Bespoke Manila | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Photo: Happy Folks Studio | Video: Lemon Three Films | catering: Moment Catering | Photobooth: Pose & Print

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