Kylo’s Outer Space Adventure – 1st Birthday

Outer Space Theme Party Ideas


It was a party straight out of this world when Kylo celebrated his first birthday. As a nod to his Star Wars moniker, he truly had an awesome outer space-themed party. Since Party Doll Manila Events was in charge of planning it, we witnessed the amazing creatives from Style It Dainty at work spiffing up the venue. Want to see how much fun everyone is having? Check out Pram and Cradle’s stunning photos of the day’s activities.

Are you ready for a fun space exploration? Well, you’d better don your space suits, because a charming little astronaut will guide you through the party.


To add a splash of color to the venue, the overhead space was adorned with balloons and Japanese lanterns in the party’s color palette of blue, red, white, and yellow.


Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re off to the moon! The stage looks really adorable, complete with a cutout of astronaut Kylo next to a rocket ship. Dark blue, red, and white balloons created a fantastic outer space setting. You can even spot the meteor and Saturn in the background!


Every table was covered in midnight blue linens to mimic space. As a centerpiece, a tiny astronaut held a table number to guide guests to their designated seats.


For Kylo’s first trip around the sun, it was only fitting that his cake be a testament to this occasion. His single-tiered cake was a delightful creation from Bespoke by Jackie, with cute astronauts frolicking on the gray-colored confection while outer space elements adorned and filled the space. It was such a playful take, so characteristically Bespoke by Jackie!


It’s not really a party without fun and games! Host Wizoo made sure everyone had a blast. The amazing team at Tectonix gave an out-of-this-world performance with their dance moves and balloon twisting skills. Of course, wonderful prizes await the winners.


In addition to the sumptuous spread from Tjioe the Caterer, guests had several snacking options as well! Food carts from Potato Corner, Sorbelato & Soyblessed, and Firefly Coffee offered choices ranging from French fries and taho to artisanal ice cream and coffee.


There’s an adorably assembled photo nook where guests can have their snaps taken as a remembrance of the day’s festivities. What we absolutely love was the crescent moon-shaped chair, perfect for cute poses!


As tokens of gratitude, Kylo’s friends were given personalized zippered bags, ideal for storing small stuff when going out.


It seemed Kylo and his parents were thrilled to have achieved this significant milestone. We’re confident that Kylo will aim high, and he’s all set for it—just wait until he embarks on his rocket ship journey!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Styling: Style It Dainty | Photo and video: Pram and Cradle | Cake: Bespoke by Jackie | Host and entertainment: Wizoo and Tectonix | Catering: Tjioe the Caterer | Foodcarts: Potato Corner, Sorbelato & Soyblessed, and Firefly Coffee

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