Vasha and Auctavia’s Mediterranean Inspired Party – Double Celebration

Lemon Theme Party Ideas

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Lemon yellow and Mykonos blue were the hues that dictated the color palette for this lovely Mediterranean-inspired birthday party for two adorably sweet young girls: four-year-old Vasha and her one-year-old darling sister, Auctavia. With the creativity and vision of an ultimate artist, Style Me Lovely fashioned every detail so that Vasha and Auctavia’s guests could experience the magic of the Greek Isles, albeit vicariously. This double celebration is certainly a memorable one for the family, and what better way for them to remember this happy occasion than through a walk down memory lane with the photos and videos taken by Bella Morcen Films?

At the entrance, guests were greeted by a design reminiscent of the hand-painted and sun-dried clay tiles that are typical of the Mediterranean. Clusters of blue and yellow balloons complemented the white and blue tiles, while the welcome poster featured a beautiful watercolor lemon and tile design framed in yellow, all brightly illuminated.

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A mix of white and blue tiles created a stunning backdrop for the yellow bench where Vasha and Auctavia sat as the guests of honor. An arch of balloons in various shades of blue and yellow hovered above them. Oversized lemon slices added zest to the scene, while baskets of flowers and crates filled with lemons brought a warm Mediterranean charm.

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Covered in a light yellow cloth and adorned with a blue mosaic print table runner, the kiddie table was skillfully decorated with lush green leaves and beautiful flowers. Scattered all around were lemon fruits. Vasha and Auctavia’s mom and dad, along with all their older guests, enjoyed the feast at tables graced with yellow mums, faux white blooms, and chic candle lanterns – simple yet elegant.

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The cake was covered in seamless buttercream and adorned with a wreath of tiny blue and violet flowers. Like other details in the styling of this birthday, the cake exudes understated elegance.

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While our Pinoy sorbetero may not appear Greek or Italian, we all share a love for ice cream. After all, the Mediterranean is home to many delicious ice cream recipes. Here’s Vasha, eagerly awaiting her cool, yummy treat.

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We Filipinos engage in activities that celebrate fun and togetherness with our family and friends, a spirit we share with cultures around the world, not limited to just the Mediterranean. At Vasha and Auctavia’s party, even the adults joined in on the fun with a round of Bingo and exciting party games.

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The best take-home from the party would be the photos that guests took with the celebrants.

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For many families, siblings are also best friends. Looking at Vasha giving her little sister a hug and a kiss, we can guess that these two will be best friends forever. Mommy and daddy have surely done a great job. May they have more joyful celebrations like this one!

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Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Style Me Lovely | Photo: Little Coeo | Video: Bella Morcen Films

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