Alonzo’s Vintage Circus Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Circus Theme Party


Roll up, roll up! The circus has come to town for Gabriel Alonzo’s 1st birthday and they sure brought a whole day of sustained excitement!

To guarantee an off-the-charts experience for this party, Party Doll Manila has crafted an incredible carnival circus that countless children dream of having. The choice of event stylist couldn’t be more fitting – Party Magic PH lives up to their name by working wonders to create an almost theatrical circus vibe with the flick of a wand. Just take a look at these photos taken by Pram and Cradles so you can see what I mean.

Gabriel’s guests made a grand entrance beneath an awe-inspiring arch of balloons. But that wasn’t the only wow factor at the entrance – statues of circus animals, positioned as if performing together inside the ring, warmly welcomed everyone.


Yards of peach-colored fabric hung from the ceiling, forming a canopy over the guests. Strings of party pennants and lights crisscrossed beneath the ceiling drapes, while beribboned aerial hoops and balloon garlands added to the magical, almost dreamlike ambiance.


An elevated circus ring served as the stage, illuminated by dazzling strings of lights and more hoops above. Meanwhile, the props included a playful-looking seal, a docile giraffe, and a fierce leopard that appeared ready to perform. At the center was a rabbit peeking out of the magician’s hat.


A table that’s so stunningly decorated will stimulate the appetite just as much as the delicious food can. That’s what a centerpiece, consisting of lovely Calla Lilies in a clear glass vase and some pretty little flowers inside a wooden circus train car, did for everyone at the party. A roll of carnival admission tickets completed the circus theme.


There can be no other way to celebrate this birthday than with a dreamy three-tier cake adorned from top to bottom with delightful circus animals made of fondant. The best fondant character is that of Gabriel, welcoming everyone inside the big top. There’s only one word for this cake – brilliant! Kudos to Bespoke by Jackie!


Verleo’s Catering served up the perfect, mouth-watering dishes, accompanied by some equally delish party fare like Happy Lemon’s whole range of waffle flavors and drinks. Guests also enjoyed the quintessential Filipino street food with Mang Alex’s fishball cart, as well as Buy the Bucket nachos. And of course, there’s no party without the best-tasting fries by Potato Corner. The food surely brought smiles to everyone’s tummies!


Step right up! Gabriel and his friends were thoroughly entertained at the game booths at the fair. Even the mommies had their share of the fun, maneuvering the claw machine to capture cute, cuddly toys, while the dads raced against each other to see who could score the most free-throws in the arcade basketball machine. Best of all, Pastel Play Inflatables provided a playground where the children could jump, climb, slide, and dive into a cushy bed of colorful balls. What joy!


The children appreciated the circus to the fullest, with Apollo hosting the show. They were spellbound as they watched Kuya Ian’s magic tricks. ‘What a nifty sleight of hand,’ they must have thought. Gabriel’s circus act included the Neutron Family Acrobats, who astonished everyone with their skillful gymnastic feats, and the team from Clowning Around put on a performance that elicited the most thunderous applause.


The children listened intently as Ringmaster Apollo explained the mechanics of the game. Each one of them hoped to claim the fabulous prizes in store for the lucky winners. However, with the personalized lunch bags that Gabriel gave away, every child was a winner. Hooray!


Spreading happiness is a beautiful skill. Gabriel Alonzo does it effortlessly. Seeing his parents’ smiles and the twinkle in their eyes, he’s their source of joy. Cheers to the first of many celebrations to come!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Event styling and game booths: Party Magic PH | Photo: Pram and Cradles | Cake: Bespoke by Jackie | Caterer: Verleo Catering | Entertainment: Apollo, Clowning Around, Kuya Ian Magic Show and the Neutrons Acrobat and Pastel Play Inflatables | Food carts: FIC, Potato Corner, Mang Alex Fishballs, Happy Lemon and Buy the Bucket | Giveaways: and Cheerful Creatives PH

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