Amber Soleil’s My Little Pony Themed School Party – 4th Birthday

This is probably one of the easiest parties I’ve thrown so far and I’m super happy with the result. I didn’t know that school party can be this fun! The thing with school party is that the major components of a big celebration is there but everything was done in a much smaller scale which makes party planning easier and stress-free. With only having 2 awesome suppliers with me, Jaz of Sweet Nest Candy Buffet and her partner Jo-Ann of Sweet Creations by Mums, we managed to make this celebration simple yet sweet and charming. Bringing the colorful world of My Little Pony to the school, the theme alone made the kids go excited in an instant. I was so relieved when Amber chose this theme because it means that anything colorful is pretty much acceptable with this theme. Using some of the most basic partywares around, check out how Jaz easily made Amber’s dream party come to life.


Here’s Amber and her classmates doing a quick activity before the party.

school (2)school

Since this is a school party, we decided to downplay the decorations and just go with a nice table setup. Using colorful partywares immediately gives off a dose of sunshine to the party. Since I want the theme to be injected in the setup, these DIY My Little Pony paper cutouts were used.

table (4)table (3)table (5)

Some fun games for the little ones hosted by Teacher Aimes.

games (3)

Jaz also prepared these ecobags to go with their prizes. This is actually a good idea, makes it easier for the kids to bring home their stuff.

prizes (3)prizes

Amber requested to have her favorite Jollibee Chicken Joy served at her party. It was ordered and paid a day before the party and I have it delivered to the school.


The main highlight of the party was Amber’s dessert spread! I am so happy with the setup. It was colorful, pretty and overflowing with different candies and sweet treats. After the whole spread was set, I asked Amber how it looked and if she like it. She simply said “Thank you, Mama” and gave me a hug. What more could I ask for? The kids had a hard time choosing what to eat first. In the end, everyone had a bag full of treats to bring home, even the teachers were quite delighted both with the setup and the treats.

sweetssweets (3)sweets (9)sweets (18)sweets (19)sweets (20)sweets (22)sweets (24)sweets (25)

Here’s a closer look at her cake made by Sweet Creations by Mums. They look so adorable.


For the giveaways, I simply filled these cute and colorful water bottles with more goodies and voila! Cute giveaways.


Here’s our compulsory family photo with the cake.

family (2)family (3)family

With so much excitement brewing inside the classroom , we missed taking a group photo with her classmates. Yikes!

PS: Special shout out to Jaz of Sweet Nest Candy Buffet for making Amber’s party super pretty and making sure that everything was well taken cared off. *hugs

Vendor listing and reference:
Candy Buffet: Sweet Nest Candy Buffet
Cake and sugar cookies: Sweet Creations by Mums

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