A Mary Poppins Themed Baby Shower for Copper Lulu

Motherhood is the most exciting and most challenging journey a woman will take, and so any expectant mom would love to have a perfect celebration to kick off her new life with her new baby. Want something that is sure to be unique? Deliver a shower that is practically perfect in every way – complete with life lessons, spoonfuls of sugar, unusual tea times, and a special kind of magic! Mary Poppins – the tale of a mysterious nanny that went on to become one of the most dearly loved stories of all time – provides plenty of inspirations for an enchanting baby shower theme.

It was quite a jolly holiday with Mary Poppins as our featured mom-to-be took the chance to celebrate before the anticipated arrival of her beautiful baby Copper Lulu. Event Stylist Kaye Garcia took the creativity up a notch! She permeated the softness of femininity and achieved an elegant overall effect by opting for a pastel color palette. The muted pink and blue were gentle enough for a baby and the understated hues of gray had just as big of a style impact. From Mary’s lace parasols and tape measure to the Cherry Tree Lane cake, this shower incorporated every charming detail of our beloved Disney musical – and Mary would definitely approve! Scroll through for more supercalifragilisticexpialidocious details!

The baby shower was set outdoor, and it was the perfect setting – light and airy. The backyard made a perfect backdrop and the trees added a more natural element to the décor. Expect the winds to change as lace parasols – beautifully embellished with fresh pink roses – were hung up the trees. They certainly were the special touches needed to brighten up the scene.

ceilingceiling (3)

The tables were dressed up with white lace cloth paired with an aqua floral runner. Kaye Garcia did a fabulous job on the centerpiece by making timeless pieces look very posh! The centerpiece elements included mismatched pieces like gold tea pot and pink tea cups – all filled with pink blossoms. A white handcrafted London Bridge also stood tall at the middle to add a bit of Mary Poppins appeal.

table (4)table (3)tabletable (2)

This wall decal patterned after Mary’s tape measure was awesome! I myself would love to have such a scale that always reads, “Practically Perfect in Every Way.” Who needs those numbers, anyway? I believe we are all practically perfect!


The delicate details of this Cherry Tree Lane cake were totally impressive! A few more fondants were added atop and the cake was transformed into a scene where Mary is blown away in the wind – what a tasteful approach to the magical theme! It makes me want to sing and do the chimney dance!

cakecake (2)

You are likely to love this pink-filled sweet station as much as I do! The white backdrop was simple, but so charming with an outstanding signage of a Mary Poppins’ silhouette and Copper Lulu’s name. The ornaments were packed with creative pop-pin ideas ranging from flower bulbs to tulle table skirt and massive floral bunting. The gorgeous and luscious desserts were just some more of the enviable elements – which included cookies decorated with kites and cherry trees, chocolate-covered Oreos complete with mini purses and tea cups, cake pops scooped and served on spoons, and cupcakes topped with penguins, bowler hats, and umbrellas. Second serving? Don’t mind if I do!

sweets (8)sweets (2)sweets (1)sweets (3)sweets (7)sweets (6)sweets (5)sweets (4)

These white woven baskets were a perfect favor for the partygoers as stylish as Mary Poppins! Two thumbs up!


Vendor listing and references:
Event stylist: Kaye Garcia (kayegarciaevents@gmail.com)
Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio

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