Coco’s Modern Circus Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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“Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!” Those words echoed as Coco’s first birthday was celebrated with a captivating circus-themed bash. As the organizers of this extraordinary event, we can confidently say it was truly a spectacle! The festivities were nothing short of spectacular and stupendous, filled with endless fun and a festive atmosphere. This magical experience was made possible by the incredible styling skills of the talented team at Party Magic. So, prepare to be amazed as we take you on a journey through the lens of Harry Lim Photography, capturing the marvelous acts from this sensational celebration. Secure your seats and let the show begin!

The party venue at Conrad Manila was truly magnificent—the moment guests arrived, they were greeted with a breathtaking entrance ensemble. Colorful posters announcing the circus’ arrival adorned the surroundings, setting up the stage for an unforgettable experience. But that’s not all! To add to the excitement, tamed wild animals could be seen lingering by the arch, creating a thrilling spectacle for all to behold.

entrance_HLP02614entrance_.HLP02601 2.pngentrance_.HLP02598 2.png

Indeed, it wasn’t just the entrance that left a lasting impression— the stage itself was truly remarkable! The captivating sight of circus animals showcasing their tricks, accompanied by vibrant pops of pastel colors, mesmerizing lights, and an exhilarating circus ambiance, all came together to create an awe-inspiring and unforgettable setup.

stage_HLP01054stage_.HLP02664 2.pngstage_HLP01119stage_HLP02665

You know what’s even more fantastic? The kiddie benches near the stage! It provided a ringside experience, allowing everyone to get up close and personal with the mesmerizing acts. It was as if the audience was part of the show, making the entire experience even more immersive and unforgettable.


Adding to the charm of each table were mini bouquets elegantly placed inside tiny animal cages, paying homage to the circus theme in a delightful and creative manner.


No marvelous celebration is complete without a fabulous cake, and Sweet Creations By Mums truly exceeded expectations with their show-stopping three-tier masterpiece. Filled with intricate details and vibrant colors, the cake became a centerpiece that captured everyone’s attention. It was truly a treat for all the senses!

cake_HLP01168cake_.HLP02629 2cake_.HLP02631 2

Staying true to the theme, the event showcased a dazzling display of illusions performed by Flooch, leaving the audience in awe. The Neutron Acrobat Family delivered a breathtaking acrobatic performance, defying gravity with their impressive skills. Adding to the enchantment, the Alab Poi Fire and LED dancer mesmerized everyone with their captivating LED show, creating a stunning visual spectacle that held everyone’s attention. The combination of these extraordinary acts truly brought the circus theme to life, leaving guests amazed and thoroughly entertained.

magicshow_.HLP02470 2.pngshow_HLP02159

The presence of stilt walkers, mimes, and jugglers throughout the venue truly created an immersive experience, making everyone feel as though they had stepped inside a bustling circus tent. Their vibrant costumes, playful interactions, and skillful performances added an extra layer of excitement and whimsy to the celebration.

side talents_HLP02585

Even if you didn’t win any prizes during the parlor games, don’t worry! There’s still a chance for you to win elsewhere.


With an array of game booths set up, stepping into the event felt like entering a vibrant carnival! The atmosphere was filled with the excitement of various games, including the firing gallery, ring toss, hit the can, and shoot the ball.

game booths_HLP01850game booths_HLP01587game booths_HLP01853

For the younger attendees who may not be able to fully participate in the game booths, a mobile playground and inflatable area were set up just for them. These spaces provided endless opportunities for bouncing around, climbing, sliding, hiding, and diving, allowing them to unleash their boundless energy.


After indulging in the various attractions and activities, guests had the opportunity to satisfy their cravings with a delectable selection of sweet and savory treats. Both children and adults were delighted by the assortment of candies available, allowing them to choose their favorites and enjoy a delightful sugar rush. Additionally, popcorn was a popular choice, serving as a classic and tasty snack that could be enjoyed before or after partaking in a hearty meal.


As a token of appreciation for their hard work and achievements, some fortunate individuals were rewarded with lunchbox cakes to take home. Additionally, other attendees received personalized tote bags and water bottles, providing them with practical and customized keepsakes to cherish.

Since Coco’s birthday bash also doubled as a celebration of his christening, the godparents (ninongs and ninangs) were presented with even more exquisite tokens of gratitude. These tokens were carefully selected to express gratitude for their important roles and support in Coco’s life, reflecting the significance of their relationship and the occasion.

giveaways_HLP01026giveaways_HLP01002personalized giveaways_HLP01444personalized giveaways_HLP01449

It was evident that the young ring leader, Coco, had a captivating presence that had everyone enthralled and completely captivated. With his charming personality and magnetic energy, he effortlessly commanded the attention and affection of all the guests.


Suppliers who made it happen:
Party Organizer and Coordinator: Party Doll Manila | Styling: Party Magic | Photo and Video: Harry Lim Photography | Venue: Conrad Manila | Host, Magician, and Ventriloquism: Flooch | Inflatables and Play Pen: The Inflatables by Julianna | Led Show: Alab Poi Fire and LED dancer | Acrobat Show: Neutron Acrobat Family | Cake: Sweet Creations By Mums | Desserts / Prizes: Lunchbox Cake by Dessert Studio Manila

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