Yanna’s Amigurumi Crochet Fairy Tales Themed Party – 1st Birthday

When you think of crocheting, you probably have an image in your head of your nana spending warm evenings out on the deck creating hats, scarves, and whatever else you want from yarn. Those memories are all well and good, but heads up, you guys! Crochet is not just about those things anymore. Say hello to amigurumi – the hip new teeny, tiny toys!

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting miniature creatures, just in case you need to be brought up to speed. Besides being seriously so cute, they make excellent toys for the kids, and we are happy to say that this trend is not going anywhere. So what is a creative mom to do? Why, get on board and throw an amigurumi bash, of course! Case in point – Yanna’s birthday par-DIY.

Our partner in crime for this creative challenge is none other than Jennie Juliano of Pinwheel Crafts and Events. This creative maven just keeps adding awesome, unique themes to our books, and the latest? Amigurumi fairy tale characters! Sure, Belle, Cinderella, and Pinocchio are not a new thing, but we have never seen them in crochet form before. And ZOMG they are even MORE lovable than their storybook doppelgängers!

As always, we can count on Happy Folks Studio for gorgeous snaps, so get your delicate hearts ready, here they are!

Adding ombré to any aspect of your party automatically ups the wow factor. See how the pink ombré looks stunning on this invite, but just enough to keep your eyes focused on the important deets.

invites (1)

Pairing purple and orange is already a winning combination, but add trees, our feather babies, and a Snow White standee to your arch, and you have got a magical entryway worthy of a Disney movie.


How cute would your munchkins look in this unique and colorful amigurumi headpiece? Answer: Too cute!

headbands (2)

A trio of solid design elements are at play above the party space. We have got colorful balls of yarn, colorful hoops, and a super cool installation out of old book pages. Love the quirkiness of them!


The stage is one perfect story time reading nook. The comfortable seat, character standees, and “Once Upon A Time” backdrop make that happen, and the colorful extras are excellent. Anyone up for a classic, enchanting tale?

stage (2)stage (5)stage (1)

There are so many great things about this party table situation. One: the pastel linens. Two: the popup storybooks. Three: the amigurumi centerpieces, also known as the cutest thing we ever did see. Seriously guys, take a look at the snaps below. Warning: A happy dance will ensue.

table (16)table (17)tableAtable (18)tableBtable (2)table (3)table (8)tableCtable (10)table (11)table (12)

Here is what we do not know: How Jo-Ann Tuazon of Sweet Creations by Mums made the crochet texture onto the Disney princesses so mod and dainty. Here is what we do know: The cake matched the scenery, and we are impressed.

cake (1)cakeA

The Disney princesses also make for the cutest tiny cupcake and cookie faces! Hearts for every bit of information in that sentence.

sweets (8)sweets (1)sweets (4)sweetsBsweets (7)sweetsA

This super charming backdrop is a nod to possibly the most beloved scene in the Cinderella story, and is the perfect photo op to say “Bibbidi bobbidi boo!” Oops, I mean “Cheese!”


It is never too early to get kids started in crocheting, and these fun yarn projects are the perfect place to start.

activity (1)activity (2)

There is nothing better than party souvenirs… except souvenirs that are freaking tiny and adorable aka Party Stamps!


These amigurumi bags are at the crossroads of cute meets functional, making them the best kind of treat for the wee guests to take home. Super love the vibrant hues!

giveaways.egiveaways (2).e

Vendors who made it all happen:
Concept and event coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Event styling: Pinwheel Crafts Manila // Photo coverage: Happy Folks Studio // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums // Giveaways: Lights of the Garden // Table centerpieces (Crochet dolls): Crafty Joy // Foodcarts: Spudbuds, Fruitzilla, Sweetiepuffs and Big Scoup // Personalized souvenirs: Party Stamps // Host: Flooch


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