Cherry’s Harry Potter Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Alrighty! Calling all Potterheads, we’ve got a special treat for you! Together with Mek of NY Giftworks, Jo-Ann of Sweet Creations by Mums and Anne of Ants Pockets, we’ve come up with our own version of a Harry Potter-themed party that is perfect for your little one. Making sure that this party was filled to the brim with details inspired by the Harry Potter novels, we even managed to pull off a more cutie-fied version of this theme! Now that’s what made me so happy. With magic wands, Hogwarts cloaks, golden snitches and magic potions, this party was all kinds of wonderful! If I may say so myself, magic was definitely in the air. *teehee!

When I got a call from Daddy Christopher that her daughter wants to have Harry Potter as her party theme, I was like “Uh-oh!” Why? Because I didn’t read any book from the series! Being the party planner of this party, I knew that I needed a crash course and what better way than to ask my sister and niece who are certified Potterheads. Right from the start, I wanted to bring the guests to the Wizardy World of Hogwarts and with that in mind, I made sure that we won’t go far from the elements of the books. I also wanted the party fit for kids so we decided to use the chibi version of the characters! As a matter of fact, we even made Dobby look less scary. A certified Harry Potter themed party through and through, the added twist made Cherry’s party simply gorgeous. Thanks to Ken of Peas and Pods Photography, here are some of the snaps from Cherry’s magical party. Enjoy!

Hop aboard to celebrate Cherry’s birthday. This train ticket-styled invitation was the perfect choice for Cherry’s party. Why?


Because guests were headed to Platform 9 ¾! At the entrance, NY Giftworks used the train station as the setting of the area. Other HP themed elements were also added to give the guests the perfect sneak peek of what’s inside the party.

entrance (1)entrance (2)entrance (6)

At the registration, kids were invited to pick their name tags that indicated which house they’ll belong in. Here, Cherry’s friends were also given their own Hogwarts cloaks, magic wands and eyeglasses ala Harry Potter.

regitrationregitration (2)registration (1)registration (2)

Different Hogwarts School house banners, paper lanterns in Harry Potter-inspired colors, golden snitch, flying brooms and balloons were used to party up the ceiling.


The stage backdrop features all things Harry Potter! From our favorite trio – Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, even Dobby made his appearance here. Props with different HP-themed details were decked up wonderfully as stage decorations.

stage (2)stage (1)

We actually have 5 different table centerpiece setup. Complete with books, potions, owls and cages, we even have color themed table runners, Quidditch and HP dolls to sprinkle a dose of magic to the setup. (Note: Ron set, not in picture)

table (5)table (1)table (4)table (3)

Even the kiddie tables got their own version of HP-themed centerpiece. How cute! Don’t worry, loves! All the potion bottles were sealed so kids won’t be able to drink it.

kiddie table

I am over the top with joy because desserts and I, yeah, are pretty inseparable. Check this awesome dessert spread by Sweet Creations by Mums! From the cake to those uber cute cupcake toppers, sorting hat and golden snitch cakepops, house banners oreopops and of course sugar cookies. The set also includes some HP-themed sweets like chocolate frogs! By the way, Sweet Creations by Mums turns 5 years this June! To celebrate this special milestones, they hand-picked a theme that will win a free cake upgrade. Guess who won? Check out Cherry’s fabulous three-tiered cake! The details are simple mind-blowing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but how cute is Dobby?

sweets (1)sweets (12)cakesweets (3)sweets (7)sweets (14)sweetssweetsAsweets (8)

To keep everyone busy, we have different food carts, activities, games and magic show by host Amazing Arnold for them to enjoy.

cartsAcarts (6)show (13)show.gameAshow (2)activity (1)activity (2)

For the giveaways, check out our adorable pillows by Confetti Shop and on the spot personalized key chains by Ants Pockets! Guests, mainly the moms, were seen happily choosing the icons for their kids.

favorsAfavorsfavors (2)favors (1)favors (3)

Guests were also invited to strike a pose and say cheese in this awesome photo-op area.

photo-op (2)photo-op

Say “Hi!” to Cherry and her wonderful fambam. To be honest, I really had a blast planning this party. To think that everything was done in 2 months! Special thanks to Daddy Chris for entrusting me this event, he even go so far as to tell me to make the decisions for them. Thank you!

family (1)


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Le Pavillion // Party planning and on the day coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Stylist: NY Giftworks // Photo and video: Peas and Pods Photography // Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums // Foodcarts: Fruitzilla, Potato Corner, Sweetie Puffs, TJ Hotdogs and Big Scoop // On the spot souvenir: Ants Pockets // Pillows: Confetti Shop by PDM // Host: Amazing Arnold // Caterer: Tjioe

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