Ellie’s Happy Daisies Themed Party – 1st Birthday

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“Where innocent bright-eyed daisies are
With blades of grass between,
Each daisy stands up like a star
Out of a sky of green.”
– Christina Rossetti

Little girls bring joy and warmth in every home, just like the daisies that bloom in sunshiny springtime.With a color scheme of white and yellow, a bright-eyed little daisy named Ellie celebrated her first birthday and baptism with her mom and dad. Their close-knit friends and family joined in the joyous occasion.

Flower tree PH, popular for their giant flower décor, spruced up the venue with amazing giant daisies and kingcups for Ellie’s intimate celebration. Let’s take a peek at this lovely party with some of the great photos captured by Everyday Sunday Studios.

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Yellow felt party hats, especially made for Ellie and her guests, were set up at the entrance to be worn as they came in. Dainty sugar cookies were laid out along with the party hats as a sweet welcome to everyone.


All eyes were immediately drawn to the party focal point where Ellie’s pretty cake was perched on a stand, against a backdrop of coral and light peach arches. Charming giant blooms stood on the sides, brightening up the entire place, perhaps in the same way that Ellie’s smile lights up her mom and dad’s world.


The same wonderful flowers were used as table centerpieces, enhancing the dining experience for everyone.

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While everyone sang a lively round of the birthday song, Ellie blew out the candle on this simple yet beautiful cake covered with white fondant and embellished with pretty little fondant daisies. It must have tasted as good as it looked.


Take a look at our delightful little Ellie – that beautiful smile and the twinkle in her eyes could melt anyone’s heart. Enclosed in the arms of her doting mom and dad, they form a picture-perfect family. Just like a daisy that blooms with the right amount of love and care, Ellie has grown in a nurturing environment. May she continue to blossom and bring happiness to all around her! Happy 1st birthday, Ellie!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Flower Tree PH | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios | Cake & Sugar Cookies: Niji Desserts PH | Food & Venue: Buttery and Co.

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