Justin and Juriel’s “Mario and Luigi” Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Mario Bros Theme Party Ideass


Do you have a knack for mushrooms, chasing stars, saving princesses or jumping into platform adventure? Then come and join us as we celebrate Justin & Juriel’s birthday in an action-packed Mario & Luigi-themed birthday party! Dianne Khu Designs definitely brought this Nintendo classic to life for our adorable twins’ epic bash. Check out these awesome shots by Everyday Sunday Studios.

Press the start button to begin! The entrance was like an intro scene from the original Mario Bros. video game. Full of great details like pixelated brick walls, fire flowers and colorful balloons, this got me super hyped!

entrance_1 2

The ceiling was even more colorful and game-like with the winning combination of lanterns, balloons and even those question mark blocks that would contain various power-ups in the real game (cool-o!)

ceiling_5 2ceilingA

The stage was hands down an awesome display of pure cuteness! Full of different game elements such as the Goomba and Piranha Plant- both known enemies to the Mario Bros, Super mushrooms that help in the brothers’ quest, gold coins ready to be collected and even the game console itself right at the center!

stage_4 2stageA

The tables were clothed in red and each had a green striped runner and a Mario Bros-themed centerpiece. How fun is that?!


The kids got to bond more with their friends on the kiddie tables where they could energize with yummy snacks, play exciting games and be on the front row watching the amazing shows!

kiddie table_19

Just take a look at this cake, no words can really describe how much of a great homage this three layered cake of goodness was to the Mario Bros. game! It was like the game was brought to life in the form of sugar art.


Get your A-game on and fuel up with these delectable sweet goodies at the desserts spread! Choose from a variety of Super (cute) Mario Bros themed sugar cookies, cake pops and cupcakes. Even the setup was on point!

sweets_13 2sweets_12 2sweetsAsweetsB

Click that save button and cherish this great party with these awesome pillow blankets! I’m sure everyone comes home happy!


No matter what Justin & Juriel go through, these cute little brothers will definitely rise up to the challenge and overcome any obstacle just like the Mario Bros! A happy family and a great party indeed!

entrancefamily_9 2family_10 2

Vendors who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studio | Cake and desserts: Sugarplum Pastries | Host and entertainment: Alex Lagula and Alab Poi

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