Charlie’s Floral Carnival Birthday Fete – 1st Birthday

Girly Carnival Theme Party Ideas


People, whatever their age, always have their own versions of “happy place”. It could be a sun-kissed beach or a garden prettified with the loveliest, fragrant blooms. It might be a library overflowing with tomes or as simple as the comfort of one’s bedroom in the company of a good book and a hot mug of cocoa. For a family, that happy place is anywhere they can spend quality time together like the mall, a park or at a carnival.

The carnival is a happy place that must hold some special meaning for Charlie’s parents who decided on a dreamy floral carnival theme for her first birthday party. And they spared no expense to celebrate Charlie’s first milestone birthday with the help of genius stylist Dianne Khu and the party planner extraordinaire, Party Doll Manila. It’s a collaboration that spells magic; it’s their creativity that breathes life into this special event.

Charlie’s invites are of the daintiest hues – blush pink, soft berry and lavender. Pink peonies, a carousel horse and Ferris Wheel lets the guests in on this party’s theme.


Like colorful clouds in a whimsical fairy tale, a cluster of balloons is beautifully arranged at the entrance, along with a pretty carousel horse and lovely pink peonies. It’s a beautiful welcome to Charlie’s guests.


There’s always that feeling of wonder and excitement the moment one enters a carnival tent. Charlie’s guests weren’t denied that feeling with a party venue that must have given them the most pleasant surprise… On the ceiling was a soft yet magical symphony of colors made of yards of lavender, pink and mint green cloth; beautiful garlands of white, pink and purple flowers; wreaths; paper lantern balls and parasols trimmed with flowers. One word summarizes this visual feast: magical!


A brightly lit Ferris Wheel stands on a background of flowers at the center of the stage. It is flanked by two carousel horses and a winding cluster of balloons. Giant pink peonies and purple hydrangeas complete Charlie’s impressive stage.


The tables are beautifully dressed in pink and purple table cloth with a patterned table runner. The centerpiece varies from table to table. Some tables are adorned with a simple flower arrangement of Bachelor’s Buttons on a golden candelabra with a cluster of small balloons that mimic the bigger versions in the entrance and on the stage. The rest of the tables are decked with a carousel horse on a flower-filled pole. A small arrangement of Bachelor’s Buttons and a carousel music box complete this oh-so-charming centerpiece.


Charlie blew the candle on this delightful 3-layer cake that simply looked too pretty to eat. The bottom layer is a Merry-go-round with cute horses on striped light and dark blue poles. The middle layer is covered in seamless light pink fondant and a scallop edge trimming with hand-painted flower details. The top layer mimics the pink and lavender stripes on the invites and the stage backdrop. A Ferris Wheel and balloons made of fondant make the perfect cake topper. Gum paste bouquets of pink peonies and stephanotis completed the embellishments on this wonderful cake.


The guests were drawn to the sweets corner like bees to honey. Among the sugary treats were yummy cupcakes with buttercream frosting, embellished with fondant balloons and cute little ponies. There were sugar cookies with fondant Ferris Wheels and swirly rainbow lollipops and cake pops covered in white chocolate and decorated with fondant pennants and ice cream.


In addition to the sumptuous gastronomic fair from Hizon’s Catering, the guests enjoy a choice of cookies ‘n cream, fresh mango and ube ice cream from Big Al’s Cookie Jar, the milk tea flavors from Happy Lemon and Taters snacks.


The children were a captive audience as Chubster, master magician, pulls off the best of his magic tricks. Everyone is thoroughly regaled with a spectacular bubble show and a mini-musical by Clowning Around. They were hands-down absolutely incredible performers!


And the fun never ends with Chubster hosting several exciting games for Charlie and her friends, and a row of game booths that even the adults can enjoy – carnival style with matching stuffed toys for prizes!

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As if these great prizes weren’t enough, Charlie’s friends each got to bring home these stools painted with cool designs from carnival tent to circus clown.


It’s a milestone birthday with all of her “firsts” all dutifully recorded in her baby book from her first smile to her first word… and a milestone for her parents who survived the “long-playing” lullabies into the wee hours of the morning. Happy first birthday, Charlie and cheers to your mommy and daddy!

Suppliers who made it all happen:
Coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Stylist: Dianne Khu Designs | Photography: Little Heartbeat Photography | Videography: Edgar Palacio Videography | Cake and desserts: Cottontail Cake Studio | Host: Chubster | | Entertainment: Clowning Around | Caterer: Hizon’s Catering | Venue: Oasis Manila

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