Caitlin’s Under the Sea Themed Party – 7th Birthday

Mermaid Theme Party Ideas


Seaweeds are way greener on Caitlin’s side of the sea, all thanks to Star Baby Events who made Albergus Events Place look like a mermaid’s dream come true! Caitlin shined like the true mermaid she was and Star Baby Photography was sure to capture every moment where she was flashing her pearly whites. Mom and dad wanted nothing but the best for their little princess, and I’m sure the guests can agree when I say that this party made quite the splash!

When you step into the venue you are immediately teleported under the sea as this cute mermaid greets you with the biggest smile you’ll ever see, and yes, I’m talking about Caitlin! As if one mermaid wasn’t enough, another adorable mermaid standee is right on the other side of the balloon arc ready to make you part of their world.


Dolphins and starfishes swam around pool of purple and pink ceiling swags. I don’t know about you, but I am now the biggest fan of purple starfishes, and will be on the lookout for them in my next beach trip.


Caitlin’s under the sea castle was featured up front and center in this lovely stage setup.


Every table shows adorable Caitlin’s gorgeous photos, wishing all her guests to have a fintastic time during her birthday shellebration!


For the kiddie area, low tables with matching round cushions were made ready for Caitlin’s little friends. Coloring materials were also placed on top for added activity.

kiddie table_05581kiddie tables_06153

This cake turned puddles into waves, I know everyone agrees! At first glance it took my heart away and for sure it took everyone’s as well.


Speaking of amazing, did you see that dessert spread? Cookies, cupcakes, and gummy worms are the best combination to help you get your sweets on.


More food? This party is officially the best! Food carts provided by Star Baby Events made one heck of a splash bringing a whole other meaning to the word ‘eye-candy’.

food carts_07364

Before her friends set sail, they are greeted off with these cute giveaways! Caitlin wanted to make sure that they were going home with more than just pirate treasures, she wanted them to go home with a piece of sea in every bag. As an added souvenir, they also got to do some painting fun.

giveaways_05592activity station_07339activity_05590

Of course we wouldn’t forget this adorable photowall for making IG-worthy snaps for Caitlyn’s guests.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Venue: Albergus Events Place | Event Styling: Star Baby Events| Photo/Video/Prebirthday Shoot/Photobooth: Star Baby Photography | Caterer: Albergus Catering

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