Enzo’s Panda-stic Baby Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Baby Panda Theme PartyIdeas


What mammal is black and white, furry, and super cuddly? If the black and white clue didn’t give it away then you’re in for a treat! Little Pie Pies Events did an awesome job making sure every little detail at Enzo’s party looks perfect. Special thanks to Everyday Sunday Studios for sharing this PANDA-stic bash.

At the entrance, guests were greeted by these adorable furry friends playfully displayed on a picket fence-inspired arch. The black and white palette was brought alive with splashes of vibrant green bamboos and plants at the sides.


For the ceiling, little panda plushies were used together with green, white, and black swags to give off a ‘Bamboo Forest’ feel to the venue.


The stage setup looks just as fun as the other areas. I’m sure guests had a grand time taking souvenir snaps here, as well.


Kids were invited to create their own masterpieces with these printed activity sheets and coloring materials.

kiddie table_25

Light green table linen with burlap runner topped with a lovely ensemble of panda stuffed toy and some greens were used to inject cuteness into the table setup.


Enzo’s three-tiered birthday cake is covered with subtle green fondant which provides the perfect base color for these edible panda toppers.


Forget about fortune cookies, these panda sugar cookies are the hip-est thing ever! Take one for yourself, or share one; there’s plenty to go around. While we’re at it, check out Enzo’s growing-up photos displayed at the backdrop. How time flies, indeed!


Even their food carts were dressed for the occasion! Who doesn’t love matchy-matchy details?

food cart_5

I wonder what’s in the giveaways box? We’re guessing more treats, of course!


None of this would have been possible without the love and support of Enzo’s family. I’m sure that when little Enzo grows up and looks back on this day, he’s going to have the biggest smile on his face.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Stylist: Little Pie Pies Events | Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios | Host: Chayno | Caterer: Creamery | Food carts: Star Baby Events

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