Javier’s Colorful Fiesta Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Mexican Fiesta Theme Party Ideas


“How lovely is the morning
in which I come to greet you,
We all came here with joy
and pleasure to congratulate you!”

… So goes the Las Mañanitas, the traditional Mexican birthday song, usually heard at the break of dawn. One can almost hear the beautiful melody coming from nimble, expert hands strumming away at the well-used guitars and the rhythmic beat of a pair of maracas. With the mariachis’ voices blending in perfect harmony, could there be a better birthday greeting than this?

For Javier who celebrates his first birthday, his parents decided to go loco with a Mexican-inspired birthday bash. So put on your ponchos and your sombreros, and let’s curacha our way to this exciting celebration!

Paper ball lanterns hanging on the ceiling and the colorful papel picado in the brightest red, yellow and green creates the festive mood for Javier’s first shindig. All eyes must be glued to this very merry sight.


An equally vibrant stage vies for everyone’s attention. The first thing that caught my eyes are these cute piñatas – papier-mache donkeys filled with candies, toys and other fun treats. Bright paper ball lanterns, huge barrel cactus and wooden crate boxes were arranged with the piñatas on either side of the stage. Sombreros and guitars completed this wonderful stage installation.


The tables have a fun Mexican centerpiece made of a smaller version of the donkey piñatas and a small potted cactus plant. Some miniatures such as a white picket fence, hedge and street lantern added a dash of pizzazz to the whole set.

table (1)table (2)tableA

Javier’s cake is a fun two-layer stack of yummy goodness. The first layer copies the colorful crepe paper tassels wrapped around the piñatas. White llamas and barrel cactus made of fondant are arranged around it. The second layer mirrors the colorful papel picado on the ceiling with maracas and cactus surrounding this layer. The donkey piñata on top makes the perfect embellishment for this already adorable cake.


This party is all about colors, so even the sweets are as bright and vibrant as everything that adorns the venue. The children’s eyes must have sparkled with excitement as they spied the jars of chocolate candies, gummy worms, sour tape and other sweet stuff that young hearts love.


Holy cuteness! Javier’s young guests went home with a darling donkey piñata pillow in tow.


Nothing compares with the joy that come from heartfelt love, so evident in the eyes of Javier and family. May their everyday be as warm and light-hearted. Happy birthday, Javier!

familyAfamily (10)family (8)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Styling: Twinhouse Creatives // Photo: Everyday Sunday Studios // Cake: Cottontail Cake Studios // Catering: The Creamery Catering // Host: Chubster Show // Musicians: Mariachi Emmanuel

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