Caden’s Cocomelon Barnyard Fun Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Cocomelon Theme Party Ideas

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“Baby Caden had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o…
And on his farm, he had a party, ee-i-ee-i-o…”

What a joy it is to celebrate with every child’s favorite nursery rhyme friends – JJ and the Cocomelon gang! With Party Doll Manila Events and Dianne Khu Designs coming together, this birthday bash for sweet little Caden was nothing short of perfection. All the happy moments from this special day are something the family can look back on, thanks to the great photos captured by Harry Lim Photography.

With arms wide open for a hug, JJ welcomed Caden’s guests outside the red barn doors adorned with a garland of balloons.


A kaleidoscope of bright, happy colors greeted the guests as soon as they entered. Balloon clouds in red, yellow, blue, and white, paper lantern balls, farm animal foil balloons, and playful polka dot buntings formed a canopy, creating a truly magical atmosphere.


It was indeed a farmyard shindig with Caden’s red barn as the stage backdrop. His animal friends seemed to beckon, saying, ‘Time for the dance, folks!


It’s not a barnyard party without the matching shiny red tractor. Sure enough, Caden had one in the most adorable photo booth ever, where everyone had the best time taking selfies.


The VIP seats were reserved for Caden and his friends, providing them with the best view of the show. Meanwhile, the mommies and daddies dined at tables covered with brightly colored cloth and adorned with a fun centerpiece—a wooden red barn with Cocomelon characters and a JJ plushie. A vase of lilies completed the table décor.

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Caden’s delightful two-tier cake was covered in smooth, seamless powder blue and mint green fondant. One of Cocomelon’s best-loved rhymes, ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ comes to mind with the fondant bus on the first cake layer. The layer above it depicts a clear blue sky with a pastel rainbow and sun. A fondant JJ made the perfect cake topper.


One sign of a successful party is a long queue at the buffet table and the smiles of satisfaction after the feast. At Caden’s farmyard party, only the best food was served, and everyone absolutely enjoyed the gourmet experience.

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Truly, birthdays are for children. It’s always an exciting, fun-filled experience, just like at Caden’s party, where they jumped, rolled, and played to their hearts’ content in the kiddie area. Additionally, an engaging performance took place featuring Madison Events’ team, who, dressed as JJ’s Cocomelon family, amazed Caden and his friends.

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Children eagerly lined up for the games, hoping to win any of the wonderful prizes up for grabs. With so many toys on display, surely, none of the children went home empty-handed.


So many truly heartwarming things could happen in a span of 12 months, and the celebration of a first birthday is the best way to mark this milestone. For Caden and his lovely family, this marks the beginning of another beautiful chapter. Here’s to many joyful, love-filled family moments!


Vendors who made it all happen:
Full planning and coordination: Party Doll Manila Events | Event styling: Dianne Khu Designs | Photo and video: Harry Lim Photography | Cake: Yumyaco | Host: Sang Pascual | Entertainment: Madison Events | Photobooth: Pose & Print | Side activities: Apollo & Alonzo | Catering: Verleo Catering | Food carts: Sorbelato & Soyblessed

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