Jaden’s Pororo and Friends Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Pororo the Little Penguin Theme Party Ideas


Pororo is a cute little penguin living in a village in a tiny snowy island with his friends. Curious about the world, his life seems to be quite an adventure! No wonder this is Jaden’s favorite show so it’s only natural that his family chose to celebrate his first birthday in a delightful Pororo-themed party. Of course, Party Magic pulled out all the stops to create Pororo and his friends’ snow-white home and make Jaden’s birthday bash an adventure to remember.

Special thanks to Mike Sy Photography for sharing with us these wonderful snaps!

A must-have in any Pororo quest – airplanes fly in a sky of powder blue ceiling drapes. Silver star lanterns, huge Moravian stars, and light blue and yellow paper lantern balls brighten up the ceiling. Strings of snowflakes seem to float everywhere.


Snow-laden conifers make for a perfect wintry backdrop on Jaden’s stage setup. At the center is Pororo, wearing his trademark aviator’s cap, about to set off to an adventure on his red airplane. His friends, Petty and Eddy, seem to be cheering him on while Poby and Loopy are on board a hot air balloon and appear to be joining Pororo on his mission.


Sitting on miniature wooden carts are Pororo stuffed toys with a small bunch of flowers – simple but fun centerpieces on tables draped with light blue cloth and a glittery table runner.


Jaden must have loved his birthday cake! Who wouldn’t? The huge cake is covered in light blue fondant and made even sweeter (and extra fun) with a rainbow resting on grassy hills. A fondant Pororo on board his red airplane makes for an adorable cake topper.


Abracadabra! And the children are cast on a spell, captivated by Wizzo’s magic tricks.


Jaden and his guests definitely smiled brightly for the camera as they took their souvenir snaps on this picture-perfect photowall that features a Pororo episode when Eddy the fox took his friends on a train ride to a mountain near their village.


Jaden’s family sure knows how to have fun, and they even went the extra mile! Here they are in a true Pororo fashion – Dad as Poby the kind and friendly polar bear, Mommy in her pretty purple dress and awesome blue hair as the charming penguin Petty and older brother as Pororo’s smart inventor friend, Eddy the fox. Of course, check out Jaden wearing his best Pororo outfit. Here’s to more amazing, fun-filled family celebrations!


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic | Photo: Mike Sy Photography

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