David’s Pororo and Friends Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Pororo the Little Penguin Party Ideas

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I know our PDM mommies are always looking for the newest and trendiest birthday theme parties in town. That’s why I’m so excited to show you David’s Pororo-themed first birthday party, a first here in the blog! With the gang all ready to party, this charming bash was really a breath of fresh air. I just loooove how Jaz of Sweet Nest Events wonderfully brought the whole cheery vibes of the show in to the party. Keep on scrolling down for a dose of cuteness!

David’s friends were welcomed and greeted by one of Pororo’s friends, Poby – the kind hearted bear in the series. There’s also a big white arc that looks like you’re about to enter the small village where Pororo and his friends lives.


The ceiling was designed with beautiful and intricate draping and ornaments – in blue and white colors to match the party’s theme. Honeycombs, pompoms and snowflakes wonderfully added that extra oomph to the set.


The stage on the other hand was covered in white, perfect for that snowy effect the theme requires. Those adorable life-sized standees of Pororo and his friends, Petty and Crong looks pretty amazing!

main (1)

Little pine trees with splashes of snow, a mini Pororo, and framed photos of David were used as table centerpieces.


Oh-my! Here comes the best part of every parties, the cake! David’s three layered cake looks absolutely delicious. But wait, let’s not forget the cute toppers on it. Aside from our bestfriend Pororo, it looks like the whole gang were present! There’s the huggable Poby bear, Eddy the fox inventor, Crong – the naughty dinosaur, plus the super cute and sweet Loopy and Petty.


Just when you think the cake is enough to give us eye candy yummy-ness for the day, they also put up this dessert spread that is generously flowing with sweets, and sweets, and more sweets! Yay!

sweets (1)sweets (6)sweetsAsweetsB

Of course, a kiddie party won’t be complete without magic. I’m pretty sure the kids loved Flooch!

show (1)show (2)

To make sure the guests are happy and full, there were different food carts for all the guests to enjoy. They have potato fries, pizza, and dirty ice cream to choose from.

carts (1)carts (2)carts (3)

Lastly, for the giveaways, David sent her friends home with this personalized wooden toolbox with oodles of goodies inside. So sweet.

giveawaysAgiveaways (1)

Cheers to the birthday boy and to his beautiful family.

family (28)family (29)family (30)familyA

Vendors who made it all happen:
Event Stylist: Sweet Nest Events // Photographer: Rio Jones Photography // Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums

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