Mateus’ Great Circus Spectacle – 1st Birthday

Big Top Circus Theme Party


Elephants on parade, lions jumping through fiery hoops, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers performing awe-inspiring feats 25 feet off the ground, what can be more exciting than watching a spectacular show under the big top? No wonder an adorable little boy named Mateus celebrated his all-important first birthday with a Great Circus Spectacle especially and extravagantly designed for him by Party Magic PH. Thanks to Little Coeo Photography, we get to enjoy the thrill of Mateus’ circus-themed birthday bash.

“Come one, come all”! A vibrant display of colors at the entrance with red, yellow and blue honeycomb lanterns and shimmering stars and tassel garlands beckon Mateus’ guests to come in.


The medley of colors was extended from the entrance to the ceiling inside the party venue. Under red and blue ceiling drapes, a pastiche of ceiling decorations dazzle everyone’s eyes. Glittery teardrop shaped ornaments mingle with strings of pennant banners, paper lantern balls and aerial trapeze silhouette in gold completed the awesome ensemble.


For the stage setup, they went for the classic look with a dash of cuteness. On one side of the stage, a sea lion standing on a circus podium, balances a ball on its nose. Next to the seal, a rabbit pops out of a magician’s top hat. On the opposite side, an elephant sitting on a circus cart, holds a ball with its long trunk. At the center of the stage is the star of the show, the ring master.


A blue table cloth was draped on the tables with matching red and white striped runner across it. For centerpiece, the tables were decked with vintage circus wagons and plushie lions on circus podiums.


Mateus’ cake looks pretty amazing with details masterfully crafted by Sweet Creations by Mums. The bottom layer of this three-tier cake is covered in striped red and white fondant to illustrate the circus tent. A cute elephant balances on a ball while a seal looks on. The middle layer is covered in blue fondant and decked with red pennant banners. More circus animals, a lion and a monkey seem to be patiently waiting their turn to perform in the show. As a cake topper, a fondant ring master stands on a circus podium. A rabbit in a black top hat and a huge circus ball are added embellishments.


The desserts corner, all lit up as the circus ticket booth, invites Mateus and his guests to sample all the yummy treats. The enticing sweets were displayed on circus podium tables. Guests enjoyed sugar cookies with royal icing and chocolate cupcakes with 2-D and 3-D fondant circus animal toppers. There’s an abundance of sweet delights with macarons, cake pops and rice krispies treats for everyone.


Everyone also enjoyed cotton candy by Pouf and the highly-rated ice cream by Sorbelato. Potato Corner provided the all-time favorite fries.

food cartsfood carts_69

Master illusionist Ted Bravo wows the audience with a levitation trick. A balloon artist from Make Your Party Awesome Manila makes learning balloon art fun for everyone at the party with this demo.


Smile! What an awesome photo-op area for a quick snap! Guests can sit on the circus bleachers surrounded by circus animals and a whole bunch of red, yellow and blue balloons.


The children brought home one or two of these great prizes and personalized lunch bags as party souvenir.


Mateus’ family will always look at him with loving eyes as they do in this beautiful photo. Indeed, they’re a picture of happiness. We look forward to more celebrations like this one – hopefully soon.


Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Magic PH | Photo: Little Coeo Photography | Cake and desserts: Sweet Creations by Mums | Host: Ted Bravo | Balloon artist: Make Your Party Awesome Manila

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