Jian Benszy’s Teddy Bear Tea Party

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“You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a Teddy bear” – Rachel Newman

Teddy bears are a big part of everyone’s childhood. A teddy is not just a cute, fluffy toy; I believe it is quite more than that. We tell them secrets, we play and drink tea with them, and sometimes, we even cuddle them to sleep. For Jian, sentimental things are forever, and with the help of Aileen Abadilla of Pretty Little Parties, her tea party was all sorts of chic and fun! Grab your teacup, pinkies up, and take a sip of tea while we enjoy the memories and details of Jian’s party captured by Mementography PH.

The light and airy looking setup of the ceiling and stage is just perfect for the theme. It connects every nook and cranny of the venue together with just the right amount of details and color. Check out how the white ceiling instantly popped out with bright colored pom-poms hanging from it. Nothing too fancy, but it sure does the job!

stage and ceiling_7964

Mirroring the color palette of the ceiling is the perfectly curated stage. Everything is just too cute! The tea shop backdrop and teddy bears hanging out drinking their tea and having a bite of cupcake reminded me of my own childhood. The whole look felt like it came right out of a child’s imagination, don’t you think so?


Sitting on each table are two teddy bears having a delightful tea time! Who wouldn’t want to join them? The party looked instantly welcoming with all the teddies around.


Jian’s birthday cake is truly an eye candy; it’s a mini (and sugary) replica of their stage setup. This two-tiered cake was made by Sew-it’ Slice to match every bit of the details of Jian’s party. The teddy bear tea shop, of course, is the topper and, the pastel-colored cake looked so delish!


What’s a tea party without sweets? They might look too cute to be real desserts, but they sure are. Tea and donuts, or cupcakes and cookies, I say yes to all!


Our childhood experience is not complete without the fun games with our friends and, Jian didn’t miss that on her birthday. Just check out all their wonderful smiles.


Jian is so lucky to have supportive parents to guide her in the journey of life.


Suppliers who made it all happen:
Event styling and coordination: Aileen Abadilla of Pretty Little Parties | Photography: Mementography PH | Cake and Desserts: Sew-it’ Slice | Event Furniture: Chairs Et Cie | Lights and Effects: 3 N Events | Food Cart: DIY Ice Cream Sundae Station by Aileen Abadilla | Food Cart: Potato Corner

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