Keisha’s Japanese Kokeshi Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Kokeshi Dolls Theme Party Ideas

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What better way to celebrate Keisha’s 1st birthday but with lots of luck and love with this Kokeshi doll themed party! Made from cherry wood, Kokeshi dolls were created as guardians of children, and provide entertainment for the little ones. Today, they are one of the most loved souvenir items from Japan, and they serve as good luck charms too.

Held at the The Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao City, Khim Cruz’ vision of a chic Kokeshi doll party for dear little Keisha came to life, complete with gilded bird cages in a splash of cherry blooms amidst the charming smiles of cute Kokeshi dolls everywhere. From the magnificent stage to the detailed table settings, an overload of oriental cuteness makes a Kokeshi doll party theme a fan favorite indeed!

Cue traditional Japanese folk music and let’s travel to Japan instantly!

Decked in golden bird cages in a sea of pink cherry blossoms, one couldn’t help but be mesmerized with how intricate and detailed this ceiling treatment looks. Hanging pink and blue parasols also added that extra touch of color in this floral design.


The stage itself is a wonder to behold. Sprays of lavender matched the sakura blooms onstage, and wide-eyed Kokeshi papier maches stand guard and welcome guests to Keisha’s gold and pink sanctuary.On the other side of the stage, a bridge leads to a tiny Japanese house complete with lattice shoji doors. This serves as the perfect backdrop for guests to perform their own tea ceremony, a perfect Japanese photo wall. How kawaii!

stagestage (5)stage (2)stage (4)

Each table is adorned with equally kawaii matching tea sets and kokeshi dolls in different sizes arranged in a nesting doll-like fashion. Lavender bouquets and cherry blossom branches festoon the adults’ and kids’ tables, all tying the whole theme together flawlessly.

table settingtableAtable setting (5)

The cake is my favorite by far. The lovely 3-tier cake looks so delicate and serene, like an actual paper lantern swathed in soft lights. Trimmed with Japanese flowers and topped with fondant Kokeshi dolls, this cake is definitely too good to devour!


A delightful dessert spread from Sew-it’ Slice and Yuyu Cafe and Dessert Shop graced the right side of the stage. Corralled in a shining cage-like enclosure, trayfuls of desserts atop a floral dessert table backdrop. Mini-cakes decorated with marshmallow Kokeshi dolls, darling sugar cookies that look like paper fans and bouquets, and dainty sushi rolls made from fondant and rice krispies prove to be as sinful as they are stunning.

sweets (4)sweetsAsweets (9)sweetsBsweetsC

Our little guests were treated to loads of awesome toys and treats as prizes for Keisha’s party games. Chocolate wafers and sweets fill their lootbags too. And of course, our tiny troopers went home snuggling these fun pillows emblazoned with more Kokeshi smiles from Arteegram Manila. Definitely a surefire way to spread more love and good luck to everyone who celebrated with Keisha on her special day!


Vendors who made all things possible:
Venue: The Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City // Event Stylist: Khim Cruz // Event Coordinator: Juvy Roilo // Cake and Themed Desserts: Sew-it’ Slice // Desserts: Yuyu Cafe and Dessert Shop // Souvenirs: Arteegram Manila

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