Jace’s The Fast and The Furious Themed Party – 1st Birthday

Street Racing Theme Party Ideas


Vrrooom vroooommmm!! Better put on those seatbelts and get ready for a thrilling and action packed ride as we celebrate Jace’s 1st birthday in a Fast & Furious themed party! Sweet Nest Events definitely brought the fury with their epic styling, bringing both the cuteness of a little boy’s birthday and the hot asphalt of a car race! Check out these great snaps by SORRELLE.

grand entrance (2)

Guests were welcomed through a white & bright sleek entrance. Who knows what excitement awaits through those glass doors?!


Check out the amazing ceiling design, a spectacular arrangement of round & honeycomb lanterns that came in the shades of black, white & blue. If you take a closer look, you’ll see hanging mag wheels and gears too!

stage (3)

The stage looked like something from a scene of F&F! A car just balancing on a square block, spare tires and Dom’s 1968 dodge charger on display all behind a metallic backdrop!


Each table came with mini racing flags, a wheel, a miniature car toy & a cool black & white photo of our celebrant Jace & his dad.

table (2)table (1)

Check out the phenomenal detail on this 4 layered cake! The base layers were rigged car wheels, topped with two white & large blocks that was slightly covered by a racing flag. Now this is a trophy I’d race for!

cake (2)

Need an energy boost for a car race? Come to the candy pit stop and fill those sweet cravings!

candy buffet

Time to cool down from the racing heat and take our seats. Check out these performers as they bring awe and laughter.


Kids gathered around and took turns trying to snag a gazillion candies from the car wheel piñata!


Bring your A game and get these awesome racing prizes!


Take a selfie with friends & family by this realistic F&F photowall! Complete with high built race cars, a gas station and stop light behind a brick-like backdrop. Super epic!

photowall (1)

Remember this party always and take home these race car souvenirs!


“The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now.” – Dom Toretto

Jace will without a doubt have a great and thrilling ride growing up with such loving & supportive parents.

familyfamily (3)guests (1)guests (3)guests (4)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Sweet Nest Events // Photo: Sorrell // Full coordination and candy buffet: Pretty Little Details

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