Doreen in Fairyland – 7th Birthday

Enchanted Fairies Theme Party Ideas


Every sweet little girl dreams of becoming a fairy princess gleefully frolicking in the enchanted forest. For today’s party feature, a very pretty young lady – Doreen, daughter of Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan – celebrated her 7th birthday in style and I assure you that this gorgeous celebration was like walking into fairyland. With a flick of a wand or better yet, awesome styling prowess, Party Station turned the venue into a magical kingdom. And Nice Print was on hand to document the event.

Guests were ushered through a lush archway covered with thickly growing vines adorned with flowers of the daintiest pastel hues. Seated on a bright red toadstool mushroom was a cute fairy, ready to welcome Doreen’s family and friends. It sure was like walking into a fairytale or entering dreamland!


The ceiling was decorated with colors – it was a canopy of yards upon yards of soft, silky fabric, balloons, honeycomb paper lanterns, garlands, leaves and wisteria, all in dainty, pastel hues. It was quite a feast for the eyes, yes?

ceiling (1)ceiling (2)

Just like their ceiling treatment, the stage mirrored all the dainty pastel hues with balloons, huge paper flowers and fairy princesses in pretty dresses.


Each table was covered with teal, powder blue or cotton candy pink linens, and adorned with a whimsical fairy-themed centerpiece: a white picket-fence and bushes surrounding a cute little fairy’s mushroom house, and delicate white rose buds in a tiny white teapot. Cuteness much!

tabletable (2)

Sugar and spice, and everything nice. Check out Doreen’s awesome birthday cake – four layers of sweet, luscious goodness. And since it was a birthday in fairyland, the young guests probably believed it was made with a heaping cup of love and spoonfuls of pixie dust!


In a significant corner of the party hall was a sweet tooth’s heaven! Guests satisfied their craving with an assortment of goodies like cupcakes, cakepops, marshmallows and pretzels.


What is a birthday party without entertainment? Doreen and her young guests enjoyed a spectacular show: from a crafty magician and his jaw-dropping tricks to a sing-along with “The Greatest Showman” and One Groove bunch.

showshow (1)show (2)

To add to the children’s delight, exciting games were prepared for them and amazing prizes awaited the lucky winners. From key chains to action figures and Disney princess dolls, kids surely brought their “a-game” for a chance to win any of these cool prizes! There’s also a kiddie salon for them to enjoy.


No one went home empty-handed. Doreen’s guests, young and young at heart, will certainly remember this special event with these personalized goodies. There were also aromatic oils, organic bath soaps and bath salts that came in rustic, shabby-chic packaging.

giveaways (6)giveawaysCgiveawaysBgiveawaysA

Doreen’s birthday bash was a star-studded event with guests like DingDong Dantes, John Pratts, Karylle and Iza Calzado, most of whom acted alongside Doreen’s loving mother, Sunshine Dizon in “Encantadia”.

guests (5)guests (1)guests (8)guests (9)

No fairy magic can ever top the deep and profound love that sustains a family like Doreen’s. After all, there is nothing more magical than family love.

family (5)familyAfamily (4)

Watch the video highlights here:

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: Party Station // Photo: Nice Print // LED screen: Ignitepro // Entertainment: Clowning Around Manila, One Groove, Lou Hilario, Madz Canillas and Chayno // Foodcarts: Siomai King, Potato Corner, R Freezy Ice Cream // Desserts: One Sweet day, Honeyglaze cakes, Pspersonalizedsweets // Giveaways: Prubotanica, Nc Perfume Bar, Bottled up, Ogalala // Activity: Ashnastar – face painting salon beads station, Pinky fernandos

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