Robyn and Rocco’s Sweet Little Lamb and Rabbit Themed Party -1st Birthday

Double the laughter, double the fun and double the grins; It is always a two-rrific birthday fete if you have twins! Sometimes, they might be twice the trouble, but they are always, ALWAYS twice the blessings. This is why a chic pottery barn-themed first birthday, adorned with ultra charming rabbits and lambs is the perfect motif. More than the fun and festive Easter celebrations they are mostly linked to, rabbits and lambs are also known to epitomize good luck and a blessed life. And the brilliant event stylist Khim Cruz perfectly exhibited those ideas with these designs.

Minimal, straightforward but every bit so lovely. Guests were welcomed with a clean and simple signage of the event accented with some line art of a rabbit and a lamb.

rabbit party entrance
An exquisite combination of white lantern, peach and gray honeycomb dressed up the ceiling. Lengths of simulated leaves also perked up the whole arrangement.

rabbit party stagerabbit party ceiling
One look and you know the stage is picture perfect, worthy of hearts and likes in IG and FB. Neat as a pin and visually symmetrical but still very playful, even whimsical. The soft-colored scheme has a hint of contrast that blends well with the solid-colored backdrop.

rabbit party stagerabbit party stagerabbit party main
Cuteness never stops as the same forms are consistently visible on the guests’ tables. I think everyone hoped they each get these huggable toys so they can bring them home!

rabbit party tablerabbit party table
The bottled water detail was simply delightful. The design of the mats mirrored the patterns of the banner at the entrance. Both are equally simple but captivating.

rabbit party table
Torn between devouring the dessert spread and not touching it. The setup is balanced, super chic and uniformed. But the overall white color scheme gives you the magical vibe that is so inviting. You can’t miss the delicate contrast of some details to brand each celebrant. Green wreath for Rocco and pink flowers for Robyn. Effortless, but very elegant.

rabbit party cakerabbit party dessert spreadrabbit party dessert spread
Here, you will see a harmonious mingling of the color schemes that defined the twins. We can clearly see the blending of the green and pink in the designs of these munchies. Ironically, those gray-colored cake pops, breaking the evenness of the colors are very refreshing to the eyes.

rabbit party sweetsrabbit party sweetsrabbit party sweetsrabbit party sweets
We see a different design version of the lamb and rabbit here. Still super cute, though. And look at the size of those bags! I’m sure we can put in a lot of goodies in there!

rabbit party loot

Vendors who made it happen:
Event Stylist: Khim Cruz Events // Cake & Desserts: Cupcake Couture // Souvenir: Fabian Trends Unlimited

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