Zac and Zoe’s “Hoppy” Birthday Party – 1st Birthday

Bunny Theme Party Ideas


Follow the bunny trail that leads to Zac and Zoe’s 1st Birthday and you’ll end up in a fanciful garden of subtle spring hues and a burrow full of fun. I’ve seen a few parties with a bunny theme, but this one takes the cake… or in this case, the carrot. Why bunny? Well, I say, “Why not?” They are gentle furry friends, and oh, so soft and fuzzy that kids of all ages, shape and size, find them irresistible. With this as inspiration, the artistic genius behind The Party Choice by Ai put the chic in the shabby to create a whimsical “bunnyville” for the twin’s bash. With a skip and a hop, King Gicalde Photography recreates the experience for us through their brilliant photos.

A fiesta is set in the colors of spring with the buntings and balloons in the softest shades of lavender, mint green, powder blue and butter yellow – understated but elegant adornments.


The stage is a refreshing garden setting with an outdoor bench and table, and white picket fences. Neatly manicured topiaries and bushes of Bishop’s Weed completed this garden scene. Twin bunnies standing in for Zac and Zoe are on the hop for an “eggs-citing” egg hunt. Zoe finds shade in the garden under a cleverly crafted tree that we might describe as an alchemy of design – using the balloons for foliage gives it a 3D effect.

photo-op (8)photo-op (2)photo-op (3)stageA

Every detail from the ceiling, to the stage and tables, are tied together into a cohesive whole. The tables are all draped with cloth in the muted color palette of pastel pink and baby blue. On the center are Zac and Zoe bunny cut-outs standing on a carpet of grass plus balloons tied with dainty ribbons. What a darling arrangement!

table setting (4)table setting (1)table setting (5)

The cake is a perfect complement to the party theme – a delightful cottage garden in three layers of sweetness. First is a lovely layer embellished with fondant Zac and Zoe bunnies in front of their cottage, and icing trees and picket fences. This is followed by two more layers of pretty spring flowers and verdant grass. None of the guests will be able to resist nibbling on a toothsome morsel of this cake. The bakers at Deneb Cakes must surely enjoy what they do because it shows in the finished product which is most certainly a masterpiece of a cake.

cake (2)cake (1)

Zac and Zoe’s young guests goes hippity-hop in glee with goody bags filled with treats that only children will love… From little toys to art materials, the fun continues even after the party.


Safely nestled in their dad’s and mom’s embrace, Zac and Zoe, and their adorable kuya can only prosper in the days ahead. What a precious family!

family (12)family (8)family (13)

Vendors who made it all happen:
Stylist: The Party Choice by Ai // Photo: King Gicalde Photography // Cake: Deneb Cakes // Venue: Sugarland Hotel

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