Wayne’s Vintage Transportation Themed Party -1st Birthday

Remember when you were 5 and just could not get enough of toy vehicles during the day? It was a fun rite of passage: phase where tots are utterly fascinated by all things wheeled and winged that go vroom and zoom. We have all been there, and our adorable Wayne has, too. So for his birthday this year, Carousel Events stepped in and put the pedal to the metal to help create the part of his dreams. No blue bears or red robots here, just a whole lot of classic transportation, but still cheery goodness.

Wayne is a mega transportation lover, so we want his dearest boats, cars, planes, and trains to come into play at his special day, in a really big way. And when we think of incorporating giant art pieces and extremely elaborate backdrops into a classic theme, we call on one power duo – Anthony and Lily Sia of Carousel Events. This couple eats, sleeps, and breathes celebrations, so trust us when we say that this party for Wayne is a goldmine of vintage beauties and fun inspiration. You will have to read on to see what we, together, came up with! Our buds over at Li8ht Worx Creative Studio captured the occasion to perfection, and we will leave you with a few of our favorites to drool over. Go ahead and get that Pin It button ready!

Sometimes less really is more. Such is the case with this simple yet big statement entrance setup. The best part? The ample photo ops!


Whoa! This model plane is massive, you are almost guaranteed to have as much fun as a real ride when you snap a photo (or two or three) here!


Oozing with nostalgia for the glory days of steam, this stage seamlessly blended in vintage treasures and some cool modern pieces. We cannot be the only ones who think this is a choo-tastic setup, can we? Told you Carousel Events was the ultimate dream team.

stage (9).estage (1).e

Using model transportation as a table centerpiece gives you so much freedom to play with colors and levels. Take a cue from this tablescape that had our eyes dancing in and around the venue!

table (10).etable (8).etable (19).etable (21).etable (5).e

These tables were not just cute – they were everything from neat to cheery!

kiddie table

You know we could not resist adding boats, cars, planes, and trains to anything and everything – and this cake was no exception.

cake (5)cake (4).e

Hello, indulgence! We were all straight up giddy with this confectionery stop serving up decorated dessert pops, cupcakes, cookies, and much more!

sweets (6)sweets (7)sweets (8)sweets (1).e

We also enjoyed noshing on grubs from these yummy food carts!

cart (4)cart (3).ecartcart (2).e

These blocks got hours and hours of play at this party. Besides being mega fun to put together, they were an excellent source of imaginative play. Beyond cute!

activity (3).eactivity (1).e

Parties might be all about playing games, but the kids are going to need a break at some point during the day. Here, an entertainment show came to the rescue!


These going away presents made for a sweet ending to the big day. Okay, part of the cuteness factor here are those painted transportation!

giveaways (2).egiveaways (1).e


Vendor listing and references:
Event styling: Carousel Event Styling by A. Sia Design // Event coordination: Party Doll Manila Events // Photo and video coverage: Li8ht Worx Creative Studio // Cake and desserts: // Food carts: Happy Lemon, Krispy Kreme, New Zealand Natural, and Pouf Cotton Candy // Host: Bumpy // Acrobat: Golden Show // Venue: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

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